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Slight problem with the fog of war


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Hi @ all! :(

My 4:3 monitor just fried and I chose to replace it with a 16:9 one. To fully enjoy it I decided to finally use the Widescreen mod, so I downloaded it and it installed fine. As soon as I started a new game, anyway, I noticed a small but annoying issue: while I scroll the in-game screen, the fog of war flickers a bit. It stops as soon as I stop scrolling the game screen.

I've already tried to use 16-bit colors (with and without the various BLT options), 3D acceleration and 3D video mode (one at a time, and all at once), with and without the various options. It seems that with the 3D video mode the fog of wars doesn't flicker anymore, and it is displayed like a soft grey instead of a lot of little black dots (like it is in 2D). Anyway, using the 3D video mode the game's so slow it's unplayable.

I run the game on a HP 550 laptop with an integrated video card, and usually use its secondary video output to use the larger screen. The issue persists on both the secondary screen (lid closed, so it has primary screen privileges) and on the laptop screen if I disconnect the secondary one.

I already tried playing in compatibility mode (disabling Windows 7 themes and desktop composition) but it didn't help.

I did a small search in the forums before posting (I've read the first 5 pages and used the search function) but it didn't throw out any useful result, so I apologize if it's a known issue I missed.


Anyway, has anyone a solution for this problem? I know it's a really small issue, but I can't play for more than 5 minutes before it gives me a headache. :D

Without the widescreen mod the game works fine.


Thanks in advance! :D

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Well I just installed this mod and had the same issue on my laptop. I have a "feeling" our crappy integrated graphics just don't have enough video memory - but I'm no expert I just hack till it works.


So my laptop's native res is 1280x800 and it looks crystal clear when using this obviously, but I get the fog flicker which is too annoying to play with. So I just adjusted the resolution in the widescreen mod to 1024x600 (1024x680 doesn't work), then forced my graphics card to stretch the screen to make up the other 80 pixels, so it's slightly elongated. But... I get widescreen goodness, without flickering and without postboxing (black bars at top and bottom). Hope this helps.

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