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Ogre mage animations


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Copy-paste the gemRB source code :


IE_ANI_TWO_FILES: The whole animation is in 2 files. The East and West part are in 2 BAM Files.





Each BAM File contains many animation groups, each animation group

stores 5 Orientations, the missing 3 are stored in East BAM Files.


from iesdp:

G1 = Stand combat? (sequences 10-18, min 16 frames)

G11 = Walk (sequences 1-9, min 8 frames)

G12 = Stand Peaceful?

G13 = Hit?

G14 = Hit?

G15 = Twitch (dead)

G2 = Attack

G21 = Attack

G22 = Attack

G23 = Ranged Attack?

G24 = Same as G23

G25 = Casting? Build-up of Spell?

G26 = Release Spell?


here is the fun :

most of the monsters don't have g21 and g22. In the gemrb code, we choose slash/backslash/overhead animations randomly, meaning that we choose g2/g21/g22 randomly (this is not done right now). If they miss, no animations will be drawn.

Some miss g23 too. This is not critical, since these monsters usually don't use ranged weapons in the game. From a modding point of view, this is annoying. I guess that equipping a bow to a cambion for instance would crash the game.


The problem I'm encountering right now is that the ogre mage uses separate file for weapons. (mogms***.bam), while others don't. These files are not referenced in IESDP, so I wanted to let you know.


EDIT: I guess that the S stands for sword, and that it would have been B for a bow, like it was a planned feature to let the ogre mage to use other weapon than a bastard sword. Note: I'll try other weapons as well, ad see how it goes.


EDIT2: short swords don't get drawn, but the game does not crash. There must be some sanity checks there.

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