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CHAINS for the lazy

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I have a question. I think it is a stupid one - to be honest I'm pretty sure it's an unbelievable stupid one - but that shall not discourage me. :(



There are two characters in my mod which interact quite a bit with each other and CHARNAME. So I end up having lots of CHAINS besides the normal IF ~~ THENs. I'd say the ratio is somewhat around 2/3 CHAINS and 1/3 IF ~~ THENs.


Now, the thing is that I am very lazy and feel no desire to sort all the CHAINs and IF ~~ THENs in the proper order. Especially with the >10 pages long banters. ^^ So I thought I could just do everything in CHAINs.


My question now: is that a wise thing to do? Could I get any problems later on? (Which I can't possibly foresee right now 'cause I'm a modding schmuck.)

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