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Spell Not showiing up

Guest misc_user901

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Guest misc_user901

I made a kit mod for a sorc. the mod applies just fine when I use an item. I basicaly used the method for the geo-sorc to apply its kit.


So far so good. It works fine up the the point where I click the spell icon.


1) My spells that are basicaly copies of cleric spells function properly.

They are in the spell book.

When I click the cast spell icon they show up and I can cast them.

2)The spells I made from whole cloth are a bit messed up.

They show up in the spell book.

When I click the spell icon they do not show up and are thus not castable.


I have wracked my brain but I have no real idea why this issue is occuring.

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As a rule of thumb, when you're making a custom itm/cre/spl (especially if you aren't experienced enough with modding) it's better to modify, sometimes very heavily so, an existing one. That way, if it won't work, you can at least try the step by step approach to figure out where exactly you've messed up.


Building thing from he scratch is cleaner from a technical point of view, but it takes more knowledge of what you're doing.


As for your concrete example, it's hard to say what's wrong without knowing the details.


PS typos

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