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  1. No idea, it's been a while ago, and I don't use any myself. But iirc something on the older side. Any trigger that calls Nearest()/Farthest() object. Obviously, it only has a possibility to become an issue if you routinely run hundreds of checks, simultaneously for many actors. In practice, I never had any slowdown on PC, so the precautions taken with SoD were mainly to minimize the CPU load during siege events, in case for some devices it would in fact become too intense.
  2. Probably NearestXXX(). There aren't any real limits - SCS scripts are extremely heavyweight, but the game still runs fine (I think). The only slowdown issue I'm aware of are SoD mass battles on mobile platform, and I don't remember if giving them individual scripts instead of sharing one universal actually improved the performance. If you want to recreate SoD's scale, then consider keeping AI minimalistic, otherwise you might not need to care.
  3. One player in SoD changed their PC's gender to neither and got locked in a cutscene mode (waking up in Ducal Palace after dealing with Korlash) because the script only had triggers for MALE and FEMALE. Can't remember if it got fixed. I made a point to script everything in binary manner (i.e. !FEMALE and FEMALE) to avoid unforeseen holes like that, but it's possible other scripters/modders have been less cautious - as the game lock with edited gender made evident - and you could theoretically run into similar issue. Chances for it to happen to a joinable are fairly slim though, I think.
  4. Nice to see you again! To me your feedback was the one most valuable thing on that forum
  5. Well, on mental level thaco is pretty much still a child, as he proved many times on numerous accounts. Well, they'd keep it private anyway. Assuming you don't find it beneath your dignity in the first place, to report a user for calling another user a name - especially since the latter had already responded. I get what you mean, that they turned the forum into safe space for overgrown manchildren, but willing lowering yourself down to its level... I dunno.
  6. Adding a few script blocks won't ruin or slow down anything. It's adding a few hundred blocks when you should stop and ask yourself if you're doing it right. Furthermore, if the script in question is your mod's and not e.g. baldur.bcs, then there's not much reason to back down even from a few hundreds. Apart from that, there are random execution delays up to a couple seconds (but rarely above half a second) when scripts run, so it's a poor choice when you need very precise timing and have no control over game's state (aka not in cutscene mode). If you absolutely insist on optimizing it to perfection, then you can order trigger lines from top to bottom to be increasingly less critical and more CPU heavy - i.e. instead of checking for ten nearest enemies in range, then for having the appropriate spell, and then for spell cooldown and/or for being in combat, you can do it in reverse order and avoid running more CPU-expensive range checks when you don't need them anyway. Likewise, you can do some high level general stuff at the top of combat script and then cut off the rest of it with e.g. ~IF /* not in combat */ THEN RESPONSE NoAction() END~ and save yourself putting hundreds of individual in-combat checks in every block. But you may shoot yourself in the foot with this unless you really know what you're doing and keep the structure firmly in mind.
  7. I used distance check of 999 to determine if PCs were anywhere on the same map as the object (FF camp in SoD). Not sure if it was overkill or not, though, never bothered to test.
  8. Not the actual script, obviously, but you should get the idea. Don't remember what the stat's actual name is, make sure to check stats.ids IF Global("level",0) Level(1) RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("level",1) END IF Global("level",0) Level(2) RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("level",2) END ETC IF Switch("level") RESPONSE #1 ChangeStat(Level2,1) DestroySelf() RESPONSE #2 ChangeStat(Level2,2) DestroySelf() ETC END
  9. One look at the wysiwyg shitware called IBP we're using right here this very moment is a convincing argument in favor of faulty forum engine. At least it allows manualy edition of posts, unlike here
  10. As a matter of fact, multiple users have been complaining that they reported abuse yet no (visible) action had been taken by moderators. So some visibility is actually a good thing. I had, in fact, been arguing that company reputation should be put ahead of user privacy, so that Julius wouldn't need to be running around doing damage control when users start presuming wrong (why they complain at all is a separate matter). But he said, and confirmed again in this thread, that company is aware of such concerns, so I stopped bothering afterwards with things I wasn't paid to worry about.
  11. I wouldn't call being imprisoned by totalitarian dictatorship something to be ashamed of. If anything, it's a sign you belong to a good company.
  12. I thought you had come to terms with it...
  13. Good old Baronius... He thought I was American too, based on my postings Back when I was still wearing the vip dev badge and could access the mod room, I did tell Semitic and Julius that their forum feels precisely like BWL did. Alas, they just couldn't seem to grasp the possibility someone may find BD forum an unpleasant place.
  14. You see, that's precisely how it all goes haywire. You try to create a "safe space" where every special snowflake can feel protected from harm. I roll my eyes, but okay, your choice. Then you say that rules are for everyone, decisions are not to be discussed, iron fist dictatorship etc. That actually sounds fine to me, provided the rules are fixed to general standard. But this is what happens next - on one hand you warn and ban all normal people who may have accidentally infringed upon someone's precious feelings, while on the other you won't babysit those special ones you wanted to feel comfortable and they start whispering to each other how scared and afraid they are to post on your forum anymore because mods refuse to pat their emotional selves on the back. And your forum, as a result? It's dead, Jim. Dead. All your efforts washed down the drain.
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