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  1. Original BG used to try to detect Fireball casting (via variable set in global effects) and react to it with, I think, Potion of Icedust. Personally, I wouldn't care. The scripting language is limiting enough, that some players have been confusing SoD AI with SCS', despite the former's being about tenfold smaller in size and complexity. Returns diminish exponentially.
  2. Ardanis

    Baldur's Gate 3 Announcement Teaser

    Oh yeah. Having seen a bit of DD2 and DOS1 writing I don't wanna touch anything with Larian written over it with a ten foot pole.
  3. Pretty sure it's vanilla behavior. Imprisonment should be curable if you apply the freedom effect directly, like resurrection.
  4. Ardanis

    Some questions about scripts

    It's a hex sum of bits, each responsible for one of debilitating states. E.g. confusion, feeblemindedness, silence, various deaths etc. If at least one is true, then the sum is also true.
  5. Ardanis

    SCS v32 and the difficulty slider

    If it's any consolation, SoD also used dialog for jumping between chapters and editing PC's stats.
  6. It's faster to just make them in DLTCEP. At least I've made several hundreds of them for SoD, and at no point wished for code option to do so. Don't think exploding party members was ever a thing in original content.
  7. Ardanis

    SCS v32 and the difficulty slider

    It took me a minute of staring to notice
  8. Ardanis

    Choosing a License for Your Mods

    It's utterly beyond me why on earth anyone would ever want to license a mod, unless it ships already licensed content - like music or art you are not author of, as Rhaella mentioned. Other than that, it just makes you look ridiculous.
  9. Ardanis

    SCS v32 and the difficulty slider

    Tablet users are not human anyway, so we can skip on extending human rights protection on them
  10. Ardanis

    SoD and Faerie Fire

    I think there's only one encounter where enemies have access to Faerie Fire, and checking the script I see no problem if they'll mistakenly use Sunscorch instead. If anything, it's to their advantage rather than not.
  11. Ardanis

    [Solved] REPLACE_ACTION_TEXT as a Timer Solver?

    Also the reason I now prefer to play games with preset protagonists and bare minimum dialog options, rather than generating and controlling "you, the player" proxy.
  12. Ardanis

    [Solved] REPLACE_ACTION_TEXT as a Timer Solver?

    Just offer 2-3 choices you think best balanced, and add external settings.ini with variables for power users to edit.
  13. Ardanis

    SPELL.IDS coding discussion

    I'm not very familiar with what Subtle's mods really do or how they're coded, but my understanding is that if M&G wants to make innate copies of wizard spells, and if it doesn't detect Shout in the game then it simply adds it directly into innate slot. And if another mod later adds Shout to wizard slot, then M&G bards will be stuck with their own version, as it won't be updated by ADD_SPELL. I can see how it might become an issue, but I would just skip Shout altogether if the mod can't detect it. Bards are, after all, inferior casters compared to wizards - even if some editions grant them spells unavailable to any other class.
  14. Ardanis

    Detectable spells discussion

    Nah, that'd be me, I re-coded v3 from scratch, as it was simpler than risking missing something in older code. Yours was only the idea which I copied, I think
  15. Ardanis

    Detectable spells discussion

    I'm pretty sure 3.95 should keep duplicates when sorting... During SoD development the QA department insisted the stats 176-182 shouldn't be used for detection because they also affect thief skills, so we skipped those in the EEs. But since mods have been long using those stats, I added a switch to keep them, as well as duplicate labels, so that both the existing mods reliant on those stats and any future ones expecting EE's names there wouldn't fail to compile. PS I *think* it should keep them... not sure atm anymore.