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  1. Yes, they're just a manually added flag, albeit reliant upon by some core game scripts.
  2. Slight correction - SetGlobalTimer() transforms its argument into time (multiply by 30, iirc) rather than adding to game time directly. So if you need to adjust a timer, increment it by time_in_seconds*30. Or 15, don't remember. Realistically though, there's not much use for this feature other than setting variable to 0 to manually expire the associated timer. For anything else, be prepared to have to debug and fix your script logic.
  3. You could try Range("calkan",999), but I don't remember any hiccups with InMyArea(). Other than making sure you've double checked you don't accidentally trigger another state with the same text, and that it's exactly InMyArea() that blocks it and removing it makes the trigger return true, I can't really think of anything else. Exists() ignores area check and will return true even if the object EscapeArea()'s, so it's not something you'd normally want to use unless you know what you're doing.
  4. Note that double caution needs to be exercised when employing Activate()/Deactivate()/IsActive() functionality. During SoD development it led with a significant margin in the number of caused issues, compared to any other scripting function. In particular, I would add this after those two blocks to ensure no further script action would accidentally trigger while the actor is inactive: IF Global("ACTIVE","LOCALS",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 NoAction() END
  5. Guess not. That's a pity, I was hoping he was back.
  6. Same person. The point they're trying to make is that respect can only ever be given by one's free will, to whom they deem worthy of it. The moment you require someone to show you respect is the moment you lose it. PS F invision.
  7. Are you who I think you are?
  8. My approach to copyright is very simple - 1) no one is authorized to do anything with my works without my explicit agreement, 2) no one is authorized to enforce 1 or persecute for its breach on my behalf without my explicit agreement.
  9. The AttackedBy()/HitBy() positives get stored by the recipients, so you'll probably have no choice but to update their scripts with something like this to dismiss a positive IF AttackedBy() // attacked by friendly Global("dont_red","locals",1) // set by your effect THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("dont_red","locals",0) END Getting a list of scripts might be tedious, though.
  10. Original BG used to try to detect Fireball casting (via variable set in global effects) and react to it with, I think, Potion of Icedust. Personally, I wouldn't care. The scripting language is limiting enough, that some players have been confusing SoD AI with SCS', despite the former's being about tenfold smaller in size and complexity. Returns diminish exponentially.
  11. Oh yeah. Having seen a bit of DD2 and DOS1 writing I don't wanna touch anything with Larian written over it with a ten foot pole.
  12. Pretty sure it's vanilla behavior. Imprisonment should be curable if you apply the freedom effect directly, like resurrection.
  13. It's a hex sum of bits, each responsible for one of debilitating states. E.g. confusion, feeblemindedness, silence, various deaths etc. If at least one is true, then the sum is also true.
  14. If it's any consolation, SoD also used dialog for jumping between chapters and editing PC's stats.
  15. It's faster to just make them in DLTCEP. At least I've made several hundreds of them for SoD, and at no point wished for code option to do so. Don't think exploding party members was ever a thing in original content.
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