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  1. The action is probably not in INSTANT.IDS, hence why it gets queued until after dialog mode ends. BTW it might be possible to just use SoD's QA dialog menu (bddebug.dlg?) to change the stats... It's only triggered from PC's script, but you could have the summon AO() anyone else to start it for themselves.
  2. You can use ChangeStat() instead, btw. If it's technical feature, rather than a proper mod, then just run a cutscene script to read all the values and set tokens, yes.
  3. I very vaguely recall that you need RANDOM_SEED (?) put in somewhere to get RANDOM to be actually random.
  4. Bg2Fixpack has/had a lot of dialog fixes somewhat like that for vanilla BG2, but I don't quite remember the exact syntax.
  5. Walking has nothing to do with vision, it only cares about searchmap colors and doors' blocking regions. The problem with walls is that they attempt to emulate 3D environment, even though the game engine is one hundred percent 2D. I had a fair share of grievance with walls overlapping on otherwise passable terrain, so the only thing I can say for certain is that it's a cancer. Not impossible to work with, but something that must not be a thing.
  6. Before EE it would fail if the talker couldn't see the object. It would even fail if the talker was the object itself. Since EE it returns true if the object is in party and not dead, even if it is across the whole map and likely if stunned/silenced/etc.
  7. Not sure about InMyArea(), but it certainly doesn't care for range/see anymore.
  8. Haven't got a clue... but NoInterrupt usually stands for ignoring being talked to or AO'ed. Whereas NoLeaveArea switches off looking for exit.
  9. There used to be a lot of cases when actors were told to RunAwayFrom() and they'd pick an exit and disappear for good, instead of just milling around in the area.
  10. Btw "modding" in that picture can be safely replaced with "making"
  11. Actually, I'm quite sure a proper database could very well attract a critical mass of users to maintain it. But to that end it'd have to be something more than just a google spreadsheet with categories and links - I'm talking about tags, ratings, reviews, comments section etc. It worked well with imdb, anidb, vndb etc. However, going through the effort of building such infrastructure for a 20 years old game with ever dwindling user base doesn't exactly sound like the best time investment to me
  12. By all means, keep wondering. For I too must admire your unshakable faith that community with 20 years long history is suddenly going to abandon its past ways and follow the teachings of enlightened random nobody out of the blue
  13. If it were an absolute necessity, it would've been already done at some point in the 20-years long span of IE modding history.
  14. It updates the structure as soon as it's done changing it. Which sounds to me like expected behavior from a function I.e. I'm quite sure you can also achieve the same result with: LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_delete_mode = 0 STR_VAR fj_structure_type = ~actor~ END LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_delete_mode = 0 STR_VAR fj_structure_type = ~actor~ END It does kinda complicates things when you want to delete multiple objects, though, that is true.
  15. There's an opcode that can create a clone of target actor. Params can be set to not duplicate original's equipment. If all you need is to show the party behind bars, perhaps shouting some OTs, then it should suffice. Otherwise I don't remember if you can directly control the clones via script.
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