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  1. ...Honestly, I'm still not convinced you aren't just trolling. But if you are actually serious that "my other views" are to hail nazis and kill trans on sight, then, well, perhaps that thick-skulled characteristic you gave yourself in not entirely unfounded. I always thought you were much more intelligent than that. PS Ironic how you want to kill and guillotine while I want everybody to live together in peace, yet somehow it's me who's a terrorist, huh?
  2. That hardly looks aggressive to me? But yes, the problem is that "being rude" to other users is a sacred cow brought to an absolute there rather than common sense. And since most any person doesn't see it that way (or doesn't know/care), they thus naturally assume the mods are the hounds employed by the company to shut down any criticism. Even if it's not the case, the net effect remains the same. In the end I stopped giving a damn, and just enjoying the drama now. I probably shouldn't, but I wasted enough brain cells explaining the issue to not feel obliged. If someone who appears to be shooting their own foot says that yes, they know what they're doing, then who am I to get in their way.
  3. I didn't see that thread, but if it was the same as any other before it, than I'd like to be fair - Beamdog does not mind criticism. The people comprising the forum staff, however, are not part of the company and have severe difficulties understanding how human nature works. This is how half the forum ended up banned "for breaking the rules", even though nobody would raise an eyebrow here at G3. I tried, unsuccessfully, to explain them the damage they've been doing to the community, only to have eventually my access to the staff forum removed.
  4. Lol, I like where this is going Has anyone tried opening older threads over there? It's a fucking graveyard :facepalm: If anyone's curious, they sent me a "warning" for this post https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1087996#Comment_1087996, claiming I was "apologizing terrorism". Roflmao wut. Later, they sent me another "warning" when I explained in PM to another participant of the trans thread (would've used the thread itself, but it was clearly veering off-topic) at his immature view of the world, so he proved my point once again and ran crying tears to the mods. In any case, I've known for several years it was just a matter of time until they banned me. Anyone old enough to remember BWL dramas will understand what I mean Would you mind clarifying if you're trolling or being sarcastic, or if that is what you had actually made out of my posts? I would very, very much like to know if that's what it looked like. I mean it seriously. (Just FYI - while I was certainly trying to talk some common sense into several thick SJW skulls present there, at that point I was already fully aware it was a futile effort to reason with them, so I was half arguing with idiots, half asking other idiots for a long awaited ban.)
  5. https://weidu.org/~thebigg/README-WeiDU.html#hevea_default461 (OH FUCK WYSIWYG SHITWARE)
  6. Smarter AI doesn't always equal AI that is more entertaining to play against. This is one such case.
  7. It's a valid tactic, not an exploit. The last thing I would want to see is enemies ignoring the tank sent in for distraction and pelting my mage with arrows instead. That's wrong on so many levels I'm not sure where to begin.
  8. Also even if your melee weapon is useless against nearest target, it's still reasonable to switch to it to deny the enemy the melee bonus (+4 thaco/damage) he would otherwise receive against non-melee target.
  9. Yes, they're just a manually added flag, albeit reliant upon by some core game scripts.
  10. Slight correction - SetGlobalTimer() transforms its argument into time (multiply by 30, iirc) rather than adding to game time directly. So if you need to adjust a timer, increment it by time_in_seconds*30. Or 15, don't remember. Realistically though, there's not much use for this feature other than setting variable to 0 to manually expire the associated timer. For anything else, be prepared to have to debug and fix your script logic.
  11. You could try Range("calkan",999), but I don't remember any hiccups with InMyArea(). Other than making sure you've double checked you don't accidentally trigger another state with the same text, and that it's exactly InMyArea() that blocks it and removing it makes the trigger return true, I can't really think of anything else. Exists() ignores area check and will return true even if the object EscapeArea()'s, so it's not something you'd normally want to use unless you know what you're doing.
  12. Note that double caution needs to be exercised when employing Activate()/Deactivate()/IsActive() functionality. During SoD development it led with a significant margin in the number of caused issues, compared to any other scripting function. In particular, I would add this after those two blocks to ensure no further script action would accidentally trigger while the actor is inactive: IF Global("ACTIVE","LOCALS",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 NoAction() END
  13. Guess not. That's a pity, I was hoping he was back.
  14. Same person. The point they're trying to make is that respect can only ever be given by one's free will, to whom they deem worthy of it. The moment you require someone to show you respect is the moment you lose it. PS F invision.
  15. Are you who I think you are?
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