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playing old game after install

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Does it make a difference if i play an old saved game after I install the fix pack? Like are there any known issues and do i need to restart fresh?

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You should be able to continue your older game, yes, without any loss in content. Be warned, however, of the following:


Incorrect text. - This is known to happen amongst pretty much every mod installation when using an older save. It doesn't affect the way the game works in any way, just things may be a little confusing if it is your first time playing that content.


Remaining bugs. - If you installed this after discovering a bug which breaks your game, the bug is saved inside your save game, and will remain there. Since it is actually fixed, all new games will not have this problem. Basically, if you have already visited an area, the area is no longer drawn from the game's default files, but the savegame. This means that if you have already killed all the commoners in Waukeen's Promenade, installing the fixpack doesn't mean they magically resurrect. Any and all found bugs in content you have not visited should be fixed.


Some content being inaccessible. - However unlikely, due to the restructuring of some quests so that they are certain to work, it is possible that your game cannot access the entirety of the content due to an incorrect variable.


It is unlikely that any of the above is game-breaking, but while it is perfectly possible to continue an older game, you cannot experience some of the fixes, and we recommend you start a new game.


You may also have a lesser amount of support for this game, and I hope that should you file a bug report or ask for modding-related help, that you notify in your post that your game has been fixpacked while in progress. :rolleyes:



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