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Sweet Revenge


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Ray, the superintendent of an exclusive apartment building, got yet another call from Mrs. Rothbottom to fix her clogged toilet for the umpteenth time. When he got to her apartment, she was giving a fancy dinner party for the snootiest tenants in the building, so Ray had to endure her announcing to all what a complete incompetent he was. She even got them all to follow him to her bathroom to watch his clumsiness. But this time, Ray was ready. He said nothing, but concentrated on fixing the toilet, all the while Mrs. R complained about him. She was so busy whining that no one noticed when Ray reached quietly into his tool bag. A moment later, he triumphantly announced, "I've found your clog!" as he held up a large yellow banana inside a bright red condom. The guests broke into shocked laughter and Mrs. Rothbottom turned beet red. Ray never heard from her again!

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