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Unable to Remove (Minor) Spell Turning


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I have encountered an interesting problem in my game, it appears that (Minor) Spell Turning might be impossible to remove once cast, until it expires naturally (on both monsters and party members). Anyone ever heard of anything like this happening before? I just met up with Firkraag, and one of his triggers cast a Minor Spell Turning, and even though I was hitting him with 2 x Lower Magic Resistance and a Pierce Magic (which I confirmed did affect his magic resistance), all of my other (4th level or lower) spells against him simply vanished once this trigger fired (and I mean vanished...they didn't even bounce back at my mages...just...nothing). After trying several different tactics in the battle, I began noticing some strange behaviour as I hammered him with every Breach spell I had memorized (in frustration). The message "Spell Protections Removed" kept appearing after each Breach hit, even though Firkraag had cast nothing since the last Breach. Finally I Ctrl + Q'd Firkraag to get a good look at him and confirmed that his Minor Spell Turning was still active. I replayed the fight many times, confirming at different points in the battle via Ctrl + Q that once the Minor Spell Turning was cast, it never went away, no matter if I tried to exhaust it through spells or sent a Pierce Magic or Secret Word to take it down.


I then began further testing with my own characters (since it was easier), having one mage bring up a Minor Spell Turning and then even a full Spell Turning (created via console, since I didn't have that spell yet), and I had another mage hammer away with a scroll for every spell protection removal, and both Spell Turnings survived Ruby Ray of Reversal, Khelben's warding whip, Pierce Shield, and even a Spellstrike! I sent waves of Flame Arrows and Magic Missiles, and each Spell Turning never went away (I don't recall any of those FA or MM spells getting reversed now that I think about it...they just got "swallowed up" into nothingness).


Obviously something is a little strange wrt this spell, so I'm wondering what further troubleshooting to do to get this fixed (while hopefully not having to start over in my game)? The number of mods I have installed is fairly minimal, with only SCSII, Wild Mage Additions, Spell System Adjustments, and the BG2 Fix Pack (or a conflict between one or more of them) potentially causing this problem (from what I can see). I installed the "More consistent Breach spell (always affects liches and rakshasas; doesn't penetrate Spell Turning)" component, and my testing did confirm that Spell Turning (the lvl 7 one) reflects Breach back at the caster, so it is working properly, although I've yet to witness a reflection of anything other than a Breach (Minor Spell Turning doesn't block a Breach, since Breach is 5th level...I confirmed this behaviour as well). Anyone want to take a stab at the problem?


Oh, and as a quick bit of feedback on SCS...I am really enjoying the improved strategic challenges to the game. The first moment I knew I'd experienced something completely new was early on during the Slaver's quest...I was waiting around a doorway for some guard to come into the waiting arms of my entire party, and walk blindly into a quick death...when he suddenly turned in the opposite direction and walked until he was just at the edge of bowshot and got a line of sight on my mage. Lost a stoneskin layer to him and quickly realized that I would have to come up with some better strategies than my old, comfortable staples. :party:


An unexpected side benefit of the improved AI is that it has helped make the world feel much more immersive. There are other factors to this besides more realistic battles of course, but I have realized just how much a smarter AI for fights can help in maintaining one's suspension of disbelief. Thanks for all of the great work David! The time you've spent (and are spending even now) is very much appreciated!

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There is indeed a problem with Spell Turning, when sometimes it wouldn't go down after soaking lots of spells.


I never knew what exactly was the case, though it seems to be within the game itself, not coming from mods. I think I still have a save where such behavior can be reproduced, will check soon enough.

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