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I've been wondering, how do you convert the soundtracks from the games into easy-access music files?


This is so frustrating, I managed to do it somehow when I was thirteen with no downloads or equipment (somehow?), but over the years some of the files have gotten lost or corrupted.


The instructions for this I've read online have been rather confusing, does anyone have a simple or preferred way?

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You can use Infinity Explorer to extract the music files from the various IE games. Though you'll need ACM2WAVC to convert the files to wav files that can easily be played in Winamp for instance. Plus Winamp can burn these to CD if you wish.


This is a link I've found for the program, though I don't know if there is a more up to date version.




Hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot, I managed to get it after a lot of work. I'll never get the tendrils of these numerous and wicked programs out of my computer, but I have the Icewind Dale 2 music so it doesn't matter!


Does anyone know a way to string together the files that need it?

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