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Stuck at level-up screen with thief

Guest oredds

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I'm currently in a game with a multi-class fighter/thief/mage. My thief part is level 39 and is ready to advance to level 40. However when I try to, I get stuck at the level-up screen because I have maxxed-out my thief skills (open locks, find traps, etc) and I can't spend all the 25 alotted skill-points to proceed to the next stage of level-up.


This is basically the same as the problem where people were getting stuck on the level-up screen when they had a proficiency point to spend but nowhere to spend it because they had maxxed-out all available weapon proficiencies. I noticed, however, this problem was fixed in the latest fixpack, but it does not fix getting stuck at the level-up screen due to maxxed-out thief skills.


Obviously, I have the G3 tweaks installed with the XP-cap removed.


Please help.

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A bit too late to respond, but nonetheless.


40th level thief shouldn't be able exhaust places to invest skill points into. With a total of 7 skills, each able to hold 255 points, it takes (255*7-40)/25=70 levels to max all skills. It, however, is quite possible that you haven't noticed the scroll bar near the skill distribution menu, as there're only 4 skills visible at the same time and it is exactly 40th level when they're about to be maxed.

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'Idiot of the year award' goes to... myself! Thanks heaps. I totally didn't even see that. So now I'm awesome at moving silently but crap at hiding in shadows. Sigh. O well. Thanks again.

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