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Another random idea for BG2


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I've already suggested this once at FW, but evidently most were uninterested... I still think it's a good idea, though. Maybe I'm way off base, but I'd like to suggest it again.


Here goes: a final dream sequence in ToB. Dreams were one of the few consistent aspects of the PC's development that continued from BG to BG2, and the decisions made within reflected his or her development as a Bhaalspawn... but good or evil, they always seemed to be a bit 'off' from what the taint wanted. Good characters ignored it, and evil ones defied it openly. But the taint of Bhaal was a persistent little bugger...


What I'm looking for is a final confrontation with the taint of Bhaal within the PC. It would either occur immediately before or immediately after the final battle in ToB... both would work, I think... because at that point, whatever conscious entity drives the taint would be extremely concentrated and focused upon the PC. Maybe it would be Bhaal himself, in a sense, who confronts the PC in an effort to pursue his last hope after plan A -- his priestess -- failed so miserably.


I was thinking perhaps it would be something of a final battle in and of itself, an extended dialogue with the former Lord of Murder before an epic battle of wills as the PC openly battles the taint within his or her own mind... though I'm not sure how that would be implemented. Maybe just PC v Bhaal, no equipment, just a lot of innate abilities... who knows, I'd just like to see it happen. Part of me was always a little bit disappointed that we never got to fight Bhaal himself, as ridiculous a concept as that may be to the D&D purists. But the fact is, CHARNAME's been fighting him already throughout the entire series... why not give him or her the opportunity to finish him for good before ToB truly concludes?


Also, the possibility of actually LOSING the battle has its own implications... maybe another ending to the game entirely? Maybe Alaundo's prophecy comes true, after all, despite what the Solar says about the PC's destiny?


Just a random idea in case someone has excess spare time. Hell, maybe I'll find some and make it my own darn self. Either way, it's been floating around in my head for a while and I figured I'd throw it out there...



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I believe the final fight in ToB in the Pocket Plane is supposed to be the fight against Bhaal, but in a more real sense than a dream. On the other hand, that fight could be considered a fight against the taint itself, rather than against the will of Bhaal. Still, an additional encounter with the almost-reborn Bhaal in a final dream could be a fun and interesting sort of "quest", if it were done right.

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