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Version 3 released


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Version 3 of Item Randomiser is now available from the G3 downloads page.




The spoilers document hosted here at G3 has not yet been updated. The spoilers document included in the download package is complete as of v3.


Aside from fixing a fair number of bugs and compatibility issues and the obligatory increase of randomised items, v3 should also have some enhanced features compared to earlier versions. Users of Mode 1 may find that the time required to place the random items after they first enter the area is now down to less than one second. Users of Mode 2 may notice that creatures that receive random items will have them equipped in a much more intelligent manner. Additionally, since the Golden Girdle is randomised in BG2, the quest to send the Solamnic Knights home is now open to characters of any class. There is also a new component for BG2: ToB that allows Cespenar to forge SoA items in case you find yourself in a situation where you'd rather not go back to Athkatla just to forge some item. Version 3 also includes a partial Polish translation by yarpen. The full change log can be found in the readme.


If you have an older version of Item Randomiser installed, I would recommend you finish your game before you upgrade. However, there are a few points where it should be safe to upgrade without having to start your game over.

Mode 1: This is really only relevant to BGT players. You should be able to upgrade to v3 just before you start playing the BG2 part of BGT.

Mode 2: Like Mode 1, you should be able to upgrade just as you make the BG-BG2 transition in BGT. You should also be able to upgrade if you are about to start ToB and have not yet been in Watcher's Keep, regardless of whether you are playing regular BG2 or BGT.

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