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  1. I have a note in the code that it needs to be updated to account for IWD-style weapon proficiencies (from cdtweaks); do you happen to have that component installed? Or one of the other components that alter the proficiency system? I don't know if IWD-style proficiencies, or one of the other ones, would cause an installation failure. What is happening is that the mod reads proficiencies off the creature, and then encounters a weapon that uses numbers not found on the creature, or some other kind of mismatch between read values and assumptions made. A complete .debug file from one of these
  2. On the DS/QP issue: I'll look into it, but I'm moderately certain this is a DS issue, rather than a QP issue, meaning you'll probably get it with all mods that use the relevant DS code (the DS included in QP is not modified from "main-line" in this regard). If so, you are probably getting it with QP because QP is the first DS-using mod in your stack. Maybe. As I said, I'll have a look.
  3. @AL|ENCan you elaborate on this feature request? Maybe I'm skimming through this thread too quickly, but I'm not seeing much in the way of descriptions.
  4. @AL|EN Can you expand a bit on observed behaviour versus expected? The CLEAR code stores the current values for MOD_FOLDER et al., and uses these values when restoring the variables. Since the variables are mutable, it is possible the value could remain different from what it first was, even after CLEAR has run.
  5. 2. That and TIZ stuff. IEMOD is platform-agnostic, but it seems unnecessary to demand the contents are, as well. Especially since it means legacy mods could not be repackaged without being re-coded. Archives - right, it is of no particular concern if the IEMOD contains any, and it's unlikely enough that it would. 4. Anyway, I've updated the spec with some technical details, notably I think we need to specify that the contents should be in UTF-8, or extra-ASCII characters won't translate across locales. Seems less restrictive than requiring everything to be in ASCII. Diff.
  6. First draft: https://github.com/WeiDUorg/zeitgeist/blob/master/iemod_spec Some issues remain: 1. A tighter specification of the ZIP format and allowed/disallowed features. I need to do some boning up. 2. I can see legitimate reasons for why a mod might want to include archive files in the mod package, and I really don't think we are at a point where we can safely exclude .bat files from mod packages, so table may-exclude may be trimmed a bit. 3. Possibly some mention of files/directories that differ only in case, or maybe ZIP already has that covered.
  7. It's the same as the last problem. Your REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~%textToReplace%~ ~\1 !Dead("Sarevok")~ should presumably be REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~\(%textToReplace%\)~ ~\1 !Dead("Sarevok")~ The back-reference (\1) is a reference to a matched group and as your code is currently written, there is no grouping (for which you use \(foo\). Also it's not necessary to have a newline before Sarevok's trigger: it will be discarded when your DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH closes and the script is compiled. (I think it helps readability to have it on the same line in cases like this.)
  8. Thank you and season's greeting! Do you think you could use, say, NI, to open the area (AR2300.ARE) and check if the container ("Treasury") includes any magical rope? Likewise for the Sahuagin King (SAHKNG01.CRE)? I'm fairly certain Randomiser does not touch the guy in mode 1 unless scrolls are randomised, so not finding any rope there is doubly strange. If there is no rope to be found, could you zip and upload the files override/fl#randomseed.2da, override/fl#randoptions.2da and override/fl#removeditems.2da?
  9. Item Randomiser does not move the magical rope. I gather you got around the issue, but if you want to trouble-shoot, you could use WeiDU to run a change-log on the file ar2300.are, which is the area with the treasury container you checked. King Ixilthetocal also has a magical rope.
  10. The mod does not randomise items found inside Irenicus' dungeon. IIRC, some of the items you mention are ones that can be imported from BG1, which is part of why they are not randomised (compatibility with other mods, like Dungeon-Be-Gone is another reason).
  11. Oh, you mean the two extra ToB heads. It's only Cespenar who can forge those, so finding them in SoA would do you little good. It would also break a bit with the vanilla flavour, since there are very few +5 weapons in SoA, but very many in ToB, and the extra ToB heads were added to keep the flail competitive.
  12. The original post references this topic, which started out as a feature request for version 7. Very little has happened in these past 8 years, sadly. I'll check with G3 to see if the old readme can be updated. The links to the forum and download seem to work, however.
  13. I'm unsure what you mean. All the random locations for the flail pieces are located inside the de'Arnise Keep. You can find a detailed list in the document spoilers_randomiser.html, which comes with the mod.
  14. Maybe this reply is too late to do you much good, but for posterity: Mode 1 takes few items from vendor inventories, because the in-game scripting system can't add items back in. Randomisation is mostly limited to some of the more interesting items, but merchants are left with most of their inventory intact. Mode 1 does this to a very limited extent, again, due to limitations of the in-game scripts. It is mostly limited to items the creature does not have equipped and items that are randomised back to creatures are added unequipped. When an equipped item is randomised, it's typ
  15. Largely because it's not a structurally important detail. A null value does not cause the game to crash and does not cause patches to fail or to corrupt the file. However, if you think 0x2020 is a better no-value value, I can certainly change it; it's the same deal with strrefs: -1 is a better no-value value than 0.
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