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Hello, I am a HUGE fan of this mode, and everything was working...about mid last year, I kind of gave IWD2 a break for a while, and I go back (after fixing some problems with the game and reinstalling it) and I try to use this mod...and everything starts fine, I get everyone in the party, I can start the game just fine and get a new party...


But the Nord's talk happens, and the dialogue box has NO visible dialogue, I clicked continue hoping something would happen, I guess I got to the point where you explain what happened between you and Daddy dearest...and somehow I'm able to click on an option that isn't even visible.


So I've uninstalled the mod, reinstalled it, nope, still a blank box. So I thought 'Oh maybe it's no longer patched...', I repatch the game, reinstall the mod, still the same problem .


So I unpacked the mod into the folder again, reinstall, this does not work.


Anyone have any suggestions or fixes? I'm kind of at a loss as to how to fix this problem. I thoroughly enjoyed this mod before I had this problem and would hate to continue to be unable to experiance it again.

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