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Gemrb on Maemo 5 Fremantle

Guest andyph666

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Guest andyph666

A few people have gemrb working on fremantle. I'm trying it out myself. I installed BG2 TOB onto my windows 7 laptop and copied over the entire folder into /home/user/Mydocs/bg2tob/. I edited the gemrb.cfg to the correct paths but when I start gemrb I got a segmentation fault.


I made a character and then pressed start game and it doesn't show any picture. It just crashes with this error. Am I not supposed to copy the whole game folder over? Thanks.


keyimporter: searching for ar4000.wed

cannot find /home/user/MyDocs/bg2tob/data/AREA4000.cbf

areimporter: no tile map available

keyimporter: searching for guiw.chu ... found

Segmentation fault

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