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Possible problem

Marla Wolfblade

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When speaking to Gaelan after raising the money and speaking to the two people added by Alternatives, I got "no valid replies or links" instead of actual dialogue options. Initially, I thought it might be a conflict with Saerileth since both add different routes to Spellhold, but I don't know enough about modding to say for certain.


I have posted the same topic here as well, which includes changelog, WeiDU log, etc.

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I don't use Saerileth myself, so I might have to install it myself to see if that's the problem. If Saerileth invalidates states in Gaelan's dilogue file, that might indeed be the problem.


I'll investigate and get back to you.

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For the necklace issue, I was just including content submitted by Jastey, content already incorporated into her Ajantis mod. I'll investigate and get back to you, because it's always possible that there is a problem somewhere in the code she gave me.


If you have a male PC and you're taking Weathermistress Ada's offer of "enlightenment," you won't get a second chance to talk to her about the necklace. That's intentional.

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Couldn't get the hotfix to install, it said "fatal error: parsing. parse_error" However, I installed v3 instead, which seems to have cleared up the problem.


Another quick question though (sorry), I had the 15 000 when I spoke to Gaelan but he didn't take it, is that intentional? Does he only accept the full 20 000 now?

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Well, if you can't take up the Thieves' offer, it isn't Alternatives. I'm including screenshots of my party accepting Gaelan's offer after accepting Malficus's first task and telling Aster that they need more time to think.


It might be BTL or it might be Saerileth.


Edit: I suppose in the interests of completeness, I'm going to have to download BTL and Saerileth to see what they're doing to poor Gaelan.



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And I found the issue. It isn't caused by either Saerileth *or* Beyond the Law, nor is it caused by Alternatives. This is vanilla game behavior. I'm posting part of his dialogue so you can see what's going on.


IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 60 // from: 59.0 58.0
 SAY #21047 /* ~I am satisfied that ye have not joined the wench.  Be wary o' her, me <LADYLORD>. She's a dangerous one. Is there somethin' that ye be needin' then, aye?~ */
 IF ~PartyGoldLT(20000)
~ THEN REPLY #21050 /* ~I need more help finding work.  Do you know of anything?~ */ GOTO 43
 IF ~PartyGoldGT(19999)
~ THEN REPLY #21051 /* ~I have the money, now.~ */ GOTO 51
 IF ~~ THEN REPLY #21053 /* ~Bodhi said the Shadow Thieves are behind the 'assistance' you give. Is it true?~ */ GOTO 64
 IF ~PartyGoldLT(20000)
~ THEN REPLY #21052 /* ~No, not right now.  I shall return.~ */ GOTO 52


So, as you can see, he'll only take 15000 gold, but you need to have 20000 in your possession. A lot of game dialogues use crazy triggers like that. I guess they figure you'll need some money left over after you've paid the fee.

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