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The Cutscene Talk

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I saw on YouTube, an alternate version of that talk between those 2 where instead said ranger and said paladin are out in the field and Bishop basically insults Casavir pretty bad. It was interesting to see as I had not seen that talk before, only the other one where they are in the foyer/main hall of the Keep and Bishop warns Cas not to "fall from grace" over a woman. As my influence with Bishop is always low, (maybe I might use the console to change that, or play nasty :hm: ) I do not get the other talk. And I thought the one you get when your influence is higher with the ranger, was more fun to see. I don't know if I should post a link here or not. Depends on whose interested in seeing it that haven't.




(of course, you could always go to YouTube yourself to see it but......) :thumbsup:

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