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Tutu Tweak suggestion.


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As I pointed out in a post at PPG, most NPCs will not join you when you first talk to them if your Reaction is too low. Now this means my Evil character (rep 6, CHR 11) has difficulty getting anyone to join his group - even Evil people like Viconia, for example...


Viconia in particular is a problem as after talking to her she vanishes! :D


What happens in most cases can be summarised like this (check Eldoth or Coran's dialogue for example):


PC: Hello.

NPC: Buzz off.




(Talk to them again)

NPC: Have you considered my earlier proposal?

PC: Join, plz.


So it is both annoying, as NPCs won't join when I chat to them, and doesn't flow, because when I talk to the NPC for a second time they ask if I have reconsidered their proposal which, of course, they never told me in the first place because they decided my Reaction modifier was too poor!


So, anyway, the tweak would be go through the NPC dialogue files and remove the ReactionGT checks from the blocks, so being Evil doesn't mean you have to be Evil by yourself. :D


Oh, yeh, this doesn't really need a corresponding BGII tweak, since I don't think any of the NPCs check Reaction on joining.

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