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Avatar Morphing and Romance


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I was wondering: How exactly does Avatar Morphing affect the romanceability of characters? So say you started the game as a male, then morphed into a female... are you now allowed lesbian relationships, or will the boys try to go for you instead? Or let's say you started as a female elf, then morphed into a dwarf... will you still be able to romance Coran using the BG1NPC mod, whose romance requires females of human or elven background?

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Just make sure that the only thing you're changing is which avatar you use! If you actually go and change your gender, it could produce unpredicatable results.


You might also want to note that people in the game would will still refer to you as a female, so you'll get people calling you ma'am, girl, etc. If this doesn't bother you, enjoy! :suspect:

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