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Version 14 released


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The latest version of Sword Coast Stratagems has been released. There's virtually no new content in it - it's mostly bugfixes and optimisations.


The changelog:


Added the mirror-image and dispel-magic fixes from SCSII (both are actually written by Taimon; I'm just giving them a home)

Slight tweak to mage melee script, to block a situation where a mage with Sleep spells only doesn't go to melee against characters of >4th level

Recommended install order tweaked to remove the implication that SCS should be installed before BG2 mods

Harder spiders moved into "tactical challenges" component

Bassilus's level decreased from 12 to 10

Borda is changed to 6th level (he's listed as being 9th level, but this is probably an error and makes him overpowered)

Mages and priests now avoid hitting undead with spells that don't affect them

Priests' turning streamlined

Added the insect-plague and stoneskin tweaks from SCSII (the latter is actually written by Taimon)

Replaced the SCS ease-of-use AI with the SCSII version

A few misc. changes to streamline compatibility between SCS and SCSII (for BGT users)

Silke no longer prebuffs

Mages now use Protection from Magic Weapons, Improved Haste, Spook, and Blindness

New component added: remove Arrows of Dispelling from stores

Spiders re-use their webs less quickly

Updated German and French translations

Kobold chieftains in EasyTutu now correctly get a melee script

Kobold chieftains in BGT no longer get TUTU equipment

Diarmid in BGT no longer gets TUTU equipment

Zargal in BGT no longer gets a TUTU potion

The journal now correctly erases the Nashkel merchant's quest once it's done

Under-the-hood rearrangement of the way combat scripts are assigned to generic enemies (should improve BGT compatibility and mesh better with BG1NPC)

Hobgoblins and humans no longer use the same help scripts (specific hobgoblins who ought to respond to throne shouts now get modified individually)

Taugosz now goes hostile in response to Venkt's death, not to the party starting chapter 4 (this is more robust against the party just not picking up the relevant scroll)

Phase spiders and doppelgangers no longer use their abilities when asleep or otherwise disabled

Andarthe (from BG1NPC) now goes hostile correctly

Blocked a possible situation in which Davaeorn's battle horrors attack him

Tutu magic weapons are now flagged correctly as enchanted (this is relevant for fighting certain summoned creatures from BG2, e.g. elementals) and a few creatures from SCS (Cythandria's stone golems, Prat's air elementals) are now once again immune to +1 or lower-powered weapons

Phase spiders hopefully no longer jump to dead opponents

Under-the-hood change: the NPC proficiency component now uses EXTEND_TOP instead of EXTEND_BOTTOM, in the hope that this will lead to fewer glitches

Added missing documentation for the "lite" Protection-from-Normal-Missiles component

Player-controlled undead now behave less glitchily when turned

"antimagic now penetrates invisibility" component was corrupting the descriptions of the spells, due to an SCS/SCS2 difference I wasn't allowing for; corrected

An error in the cross-platform code (carried over from BG1NPC) was causing Imoen's script to be incorrectly updated; this meant that the "set NPC proficiency" component wasn't working for Imoen on BGT installs. (Fixed; thanks to Taimon for identifying the problem.)

Fixed a typo that was causing slimes to be incorrectly flagged by the fix component

Fix component now makes the doors of Sarevok's temple impassable by NPCs (this was occasionally breaking the final battle)

Fixed various problems in the shapeshift component

Fixed a TUTU-specific bug (caused by a subtle difference between TUTUv4 and Easytutu) that was preventing the final movie from playing

Skeleton warriors in BG1 are listed as "human", to make them immune to turning. They're now listed as undead and made immune to turning directly.

Improved Minor Encounters no longer fails to install if Smarter Mages is not installed

Fear now correctly affects enemies

BG1NPC and SCS were both trying to fix a compatibility problem (caused by killing Tazok) and the two fixes were themselves incompatible! SCS now uses the BG1NPC fix

Kobold shamans now get the benefit of "smarter mages" on BGT installs

The number of Kobold shamans in the ambush has been reduced from 2 to 1

Carrion-crawler help scripts should now work

Fixed a typo in the spider scripts that was preventing their web-spinning being blocked in some locations

Andris now initiates dialogue in BGT installs

Andarthe (from BG1NPC) now summons wolves correctly in BGT installs

Fixed typo in the code for the Avenger kit

Fixed a serious bug which was making it impossible to sneak into the bandit camp

The Warders in Durlag's Tower no longer cast spells when stunned (etc)

Enemies with throwable weapons now use them (previously, a game-engine problem with the EquipRanged() command prevented them

Caught a collection of small typos noticed by Temujin

Fixed a typo in the (non-improved Shapeshift) Avenger shapeshift script

C3 bandits, and moved assassin group, no longer get an accidental immunity to charm magic

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