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Planescape Tweak pack error


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Hi everyone,

I've re-installed Torment yesterday, but this time the tweak pack doesn't seem to want to work...

in particular, even if I select the option to reveal the map, the fog of war still remains.

I use the widescreen plugin too.


I've tried several combinations and orders of installation but the problem persists, though nothing is changed from the last time I've installed the game.





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Unfortunatly it doesn't work even after a clean installation :suspect:

What I've done:


1) install the game

2) patch to 1.1

3) copy cd2-3-4 to torment folder

4) patch with nocd

5) apply pst fix

6) apply pst tweak

7) apply widescreen 2.31

8) apply ghostdogs pst ui

9) apply pst tweak again (only reinstall explore areas)

10) aknowledge failure...


I've started torment with a new game at each pass but the fog of war still remains.


Any idea?


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Thanks for the quick reply, but I really see all covered in black.

I'm searching here and there for an explanation but still I can't find any.

What's strange is that nothing is changed from the last time.


The new mod you've cited is very well done, lots of changes to improve accessibility, I can't resist to re-start to play, but my main concern is the fog-of-war...


I'll try other combinations in the meantime :suspect:

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Sorry I can't be of much help, I never install that component, and I'm unfamiliar with Ghostdog's mod.


Other than suggesting doing a clean reinstall (installing Explore City Areas before any of the GUI mods) and starting a new game, I can't think of anything.

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