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BP s_and_h Patch Released


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Announcing the release of the BP s_and_h Patch, a new patch from myself and hlidskialf for use with BP, BP-NEJ, BP-BGT and BP-BGT-NEJ.


This patch repairs all known (or known to us, at any rate) bugs in BP, BGT and the BP-compatible version of NEJ. Installation proceeds as per any other Weidu mod: download the patch, unzip it into yr BGII directory, run Setup-BP_s_and_h_Patch.exe.


The patch has four components, three of which install automatically as needed: BP fixes, BGT fixes and NEJ fixes. The fourth component, BP Nerfs, is optional.


Ideally, this patch should be installed immediately after a fresh BP (or BP-BGT, BP-NEJ or BP-BGT-NEJ) installation, before any other Weidu mods are installed.


However, it is not actually necessary to start a new game for these fixes to take effect, although if you have encountered some of these bugs already and wish to have them fixed, you will need to revert to a saved game *before* you encountered the bug, otherwise the bugged version will be stored in your saved game and the specific fix will be ineffective.



BP_s_and_h_Patch components:


BP Fixes:

  • TDD NPC Fix - fixes bugs in five different TDD NPCs.
  • Charlotte Tweak - no longer turns hostile if accidentally damaged by party.
  • Riatavin Fix and TOB Pocketplane Fix - fixes CTDs in both of these quests.
  • Sarevok TOB interjections Fix - fixes a bug in Sarevok's dialogues
  • Demon Telekinesis Fix - makes the invisible creature really invisible
  • Kiser Jhaeri Fix - fixes CTD when entering Kiser Jhaeri's cellar.
  • Banelich Nerf - relaxes the conditions for killing a Banelich
  • Edwin amulet & Nalia's ring Fix - no longer get stuck in inventory when they leave the party.


This component will only install if BGT is installed. Included in this fix are:

  • Cespenar Dialog and Item bug fix - Cespy now upgrades items correctly.
  • Imoen soundset fix - makes Imoen use the correct soundset throughout the game.
  • Hershal Fix - corrects a typo which caused infinite Hershal spawns.
  • Edwin Fix - corrects a bug with Edwin's dialog in BGII, which also interferred with the Mae'var quest.
  • Highhedge fix- corrects a bug which caused a crash to desktop when entering the Highhedge area.
  • Dialog glitches where the NPCs want to leave the party if forcetalked.
  • Fixed the @#%@%@^!!! crash bug in the Werewolf Island catacombs.

NEJ Fixes

This component will only install if NEJ is installed. It includes:

  • Hrothgar Fix - no longer turns hostile if accidentally attacked.
  • Damien Fix - fixes the displayed dialogue.

Optional Nerfs:

  • Revised Hlid's Nerfs - makes Shadows, Spirit Trolls, Mists and Wandering Horrors less 'interesting'.
  • Rolf Sureblade Fix - downgrades the strength of the Sureblade Sword.

The patch can be downloaded from the following locations:




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