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Herbs&Potions for Baldur's Gate II


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Herbs and Potions Add-in for Baldur's Gate II

The homepage of the mod, you can download it from there as well as read its readme file online.


This mod also works if you have Throne of Bhaal installed.

It adds some bunches of herbs to the game, which can be easily claimed. Everything happens in Waukeen's Promenade, and you can locate the druid at the South-Western exit of it, next to a tree. This herbalist will brew potions for you from the herbs you give her; the really effective potions will cost you a lot of money. You can combine the herbs in many ways, the druid will just brew a potion from your set. If you don't want to explore all potion recipes on your own, so don't want surprise, you can see the herb creation guide . Additionally, this herbalist can enchant an unenchanted staff or dagger for you, the enchanted weapon's abilities are chosen randomly, including the enchantment and the bonus damage (fire and poison)

Have fun!



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