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Bard Stronghold

Guest Varekai

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For the Bard's Theatre i remember that you must take up the role of the wizard,even if you are female .. i wonder, wouldnt be nice if Haer Dalis can replace him? and the PC take the other main rol?? is just a idea ... i would be great! at least to me :cry:

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Well, I'm doing my best not to make Haer'Dalis steal the main character's tunder, so he won't offer to take over the role. And changing the whole thing to make female PCs play the female part, while probably a good idea, is somewhat outside the scope of the mod, I'm afraid...


So I can't really offer you a lot. Umm... Haer'Dalis could give the main characters tips about cross dressing, I guess, but that's the only thing I can think of :cry:

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