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Many/Most Katanas don't have "allow strength bonus?" flag on

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I've been snooping around with Near Infinity to better understand what certain items do, and to better understand spell effects, etc.


I was looking at the item "Dak'kon's Zerth Blade". If you highlight, under Abilities:, Melee(1), then click the View/Edit button, you will see that the item is NOT flagged for "Allow Strength Bonus?". This making me curious, I looked at a number of other non-Katana weapons, like Carsomyr +5, Daystar, Flail of Ages +3, etc., and they all have the "Allow Strength Bonus?" flag on.


I did notice that if you go to the Edit tab, while on the item ability page, the "Allow Strength Bonus?" field is flagged as Unknown (3), whereas an item that is known to not have a strength bonus, such as a sling (save for maybe 1 exception), has this field as "No (0)".


This "Unknown (3)" value is also present on the Celestial Fury, Yoshimo's Katana +1, Katana +1/+2/+3, but it is NOT present on the ToB weapons Hindo's Doom +3/+4.


Does anybody know what's up here? What is "Unknown (3)"? I can already envision the funny response "it's unknown", so feel free to try that one if you must =P I'm just curious if this is an oversight, or if these items are actually getting the strength bonus (and as melee weapons, I would assume they should).


Thanks in advance! =)

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You got it all wrong - clearly, it's because katanas always cut through everything they hit, so it doesn't matter how hard you swing them.


Especially when they're made of depleted uranium.

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