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[PST] Hardcoded sounds and other

Guest Micru

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Guest Micru

I've found a comprehensive list of sound files used in PST



Some of them are hardcoded. Would it be possible to implement them in GemRB? Could the texts be displayed as subtitles or overhead text?


Also, when a text starts with the string "NOTE:" in the original is displayed in white color. This should be configurable (maybe config file?), because in other languages is different... yes I know it is a finesse, but nice to have :mad:

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Stuff that needs to be in the .cre struct don't need any special treatment (and we won't care to fix original files).

Any patcher that works on the original game without .exe modification, should work exactly the same in gemrb.


Stuff that requires .exe modification may be considered, if the result is better than the original.

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Guest Micru

Hi Avenger, thanks for the fast reply.


What I meant are, for instance, the sounds that are played when:

- A party member is removed. Examples:

NOR176 : "I will wait here pending further orders." -> Removed from party. Engine.

ANA456D: "I won't wait here forever." -> Removed from Party. Engine.


- Cannot remove a default weapon. Examples:

ANA366D: "Touch my blades again, and I'll put them in your skull." -> Cannot remove default weapon. Engine.

ANA462C: "I'm not giving that up." -> Cannot remove default weapon. Engine.


- Inventory is full:

ANA474C: "I couldnae carry it, so I had to drop it." -> Inventory Full, Item Dropped (STRREF 37081)


- TNO is resurrected

# ANA506D: "Creepy rising from the dead you are." -> After TNO resurrection. Engine.

# ANA507B: "Didnae really think you were deathless, cursed you are." -> After TNO resurrection. Engine.

# ANA508D: "Just seein' ya crawl back to life like that, gives me the shivers." -> After TNO resurrection. Engine.


And repeat selects, deaths, etc.


Most of this sounds are hardcoded in the exe file....

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Death comments are not hardcoded, iirc. (check death.2da)


Anyway, all stuff that is hardcoded in the exe will be externalized, so if some strref/resource is used by the unpatched original engine, it will be handled by gemrb via a 2da, ini or cfg.


If some stuff needed patching in the original engine, it most likely won't be added automatically. But it is likely it could be added as an entry in some gemrb 2da/ini.

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