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Kangaxx's defenses


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I'm now on my second playthrough of SCS2 (v13, previously v11), and both times I've noticed a pretty big hole in the demilich's defenses. He actually doesn't start with many defenses at all in phase 2 (compared to mages), presumably because of his magic resistance and the fact that the short 1 round/level defenses would just expire during all the time stops.


The hole is Dragon's Breath. It ignores magic resistance, and it one-shots him. You can easily kill him with this spell in phase 2 before he even gets to cast anything, reducing the whole encounter to basically just a standard lich. In phase 1 he does protect himself from fire, which is good. I know I know, level 10 spells in SoA... but I am sure I saw a post on here somewhere saying that SCS2 presumes ToB. It is really easy to have the spell in time for chapter 6.


Anyway, just seems a little strange for Kangaxx, who has been studying magic for so long and has knowledge of level 10 spells himself (with "Give HLAs to mages and priests" component), to leave himself open like that.


Aside from that, everything I noticed in v11 seems to be fixed in v13!


EDIT: Another observation; whether it's intentional or not, the demilich form is still immune to breach for me, even though breach now finally works on standard liches including Kangaxx phase 1.

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