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csound 2da


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Anyone knows that the ! means in some csound entries?

Normally the second column contains a single letter (a prefix for the character sounds).

Two entries, however, contain a ! before the regular letter.

WTF is that?

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Looks like you can ignore it, at least in ToB.

It triggers an additional existance check before trying to load the sound resource, but it should have any consequences.


bool ret = get_soundset_extension(int soundslot, string ext); // returns 1 if ! else 0
sound_resref = base + ext;
if (ret) {
key = keytable.find_key(sound_resref);
if (key == 0)
   goto after_fetch_resource;
fetch_resource(sound_resref);  // this does some setup and also calls keytable.find_key

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