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Seeking Soul Exchange writers


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I'm recruiting writers for the Soul Exchange mod. I would have no problem finishing all dialogue myself, although obviously it will go much faster if more people would work on it.


If you would like to apply for the Soul Exchange team, please register on the forum and respond in the topic made for the recruitment purpose, and add some information such as writing experience, Baldur's Gate II experience, how much time you can spare... that kind of stuff. When recruited, you will gain access to the Soul Exchange Workroom on the forums, where you will be able to privately discuss the writing and the mod with me and other team members, as well as post your writings for reviewing. Since the characters are of my creation, I know them best. I can give pointers and tips where needed, and I welcome new suggestions and ideas for dialogue. Though ultimately, only I will decide what ends up in the final product. Please don't be discouraged or offended if I suggest to alter the dialogue you've written. I'm sure we can make some compromise. After all, it's all discussable. =) I would be happy to assist you in writing your mod, if you have one, as well.


Writing will first focus on the 18 standard mod NPC's. One can write and plan for Expansion Pack NPC's, but these will be released after the standard mod has been released. The following types of writing are available:





-Player-Initiated Dialogue (like Dragon Age and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic)

-Flirts (Player-Initiated and started by the NPC)

-Scenery Dialogue (NPC's speak up when entering a certain area, when you pick up a certain item, etc)

-Character Sounds (Selection, Action, Becoming Leader, etc)


-Character Quests


Soul Exchange does not require writing for Crossmod material.


I realize some people may be reluctant to sign up because of the sudden project stop last time. I can assure you there will not be a repeat of that. The project, blog and forum will remain up and alive, so you can sign up without worrying about it.


If you're interested, please visit the Volcano Productions forum. I hope to hear from you.


Kind regards,


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Soul Exchange (SE) could really benefit from having more team members that help with writing, coding, ideas/feedback, and possibly voice acting (though that's a final step). At the moment the team has 2 members that have no time for the project, the status of 1 is unknown, and 1 member is not a writer or coder. That basically leaves me to do most of the work, if not all, by myself. While I can do that (give or take a few steep learning curves concerning coding), it will take me a very long time to actually finish the mod due to its massive scale. Besides that, having more people that are interested around on Volcano Productions would increase my motivation to mod. I will probably get motivated at some point again, but again, with interested people around, whether on the team or just as a "fan" as it were, my motivation would return quicker, and the mod will be in your game sooner.


So if you like the idea of Soul Exchange, or any of my other mods perhaps, please register on Volcano Productions forums and leave your thoughts and feedback. And if you feel up for it, why not visit the recruitment topic and help me out? I could use the help, honestly. I'm a friendly and understanding guy, so I'm sure we'd get along okay. I'm not a dictator hehe, nor like BWL or anything. In the SE team, I'm pretty open to suggestions, ideas, feedback, dialogue being written and re-written and such, all working together for a common goal, namely releasing this mod.


Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you there soon. -smiles-



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