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  1. Sending some positive vibes. Glad to see you're still at it, even after many years. Also glad to see some happy excited fans that stick around for so long. As a fellow modder with a large mod in production that will take a while to complete, seeing such positivity makes me smile. Happy to see not everyone gets jaded, bitter, or negative.
  2. Kari: Then I have something to prove to you, it seems... Y-You'd be wise not to generalize. Also, I hope you'll one day grow up and see love for what it really is, unrestricted by gender, species, religion, or anything else. I may be a young pup in comparison, but your attitude saddens me. Seriously though, interesting bloke, this guy. I should've checked him out sooner.
  3. You're most certainly not playing me! -laughs- Seriously though, I'd go for a SoA release first, then ToB. I admit I don't care all that much for ToB or getting the epilogues. It's nice to complete the whole thing, but I prefer SoA anyway. It's longer, for one, and has more story instead of tons of epic battles.
  4. I'm getting a bunch of "CD_STATE_NOTVALID not found in STATE.IDS" parse warnings when installing Petsy, in the L3Petsy.d and L3Pet25J.d files. Not sure if this is supposed to happen or not. I have no other mods installed, as I felt like seeing if I could recreate the bug Psionica had. I'm ignoring the WeiDU log file sys_error, as this is the first mod I'm installing on this clean BG2 install. Here's the WeiDU log: WeiDU v 23100 Log D:\Games\Baldurs Gate II\Setup-Petsy.exe [./CHITIN.KEY] loaded, 590551 bytes [./CHITIN.KEY] 182 BIFFs, 41793 resources [dialog.tlk] loaded, 8692747 byte
  5. Sadly I can't. CoM_Solaufein doesn't allow me to post on CoM. So I'll PM you instead.
  6. Aye. Not sure if nobody played it or if there weren't really any bugs found yet, but still. Will report if I find something.
  7. Ooohhh full version release. -downloads-
  8. Sure thing. I can't really post on SHS unless the moderators approve my posts, so I'll just PM you with my constructive criticism/praise instead. Now to find a good time to sit down and play.
  9. Sounds like a fun girl. Might have to give her a testrun, see what she's like.
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