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  1. Sending some positive vibes. Glad to see you're still at it, even after many years. Also glad to see some happy excited fans that stick around for so long. As a fellow modder with a large mod in production that will take a while to complete, seeing such positivity makes me smile. Happy to see not everyone gets jaded, bitter, or negative.
  2. Soul Exchange is in progress. The progress post states what has been accomplished, not what has yet to be completed. I fail to see how that is unclear. I will run a new test on BG2 Fixpack. If it performs sufficiently, I will use it as base grid for the mod. Previous versions crashed the software, where more archaïc means did not. The correct phrase is "I do not think this mod will ever see the light of day". It is a large scope project, one that I am developing by myself for the most part, when I have the time and desire to do so. It is a casual hobby, as I am sure it is for many. The comparison to a working career is irrelevant. I do not receive payment for the time spent on this mod, in my free time. How I choose to spend my free hours is my choice. I am not obligated to work on mods, nor do I owe the community anything. To address your concerns, yes, completion will take time. If you prefer production to increase, offer assistance. Your negativity serves no purpose.
  3. It's been years since I was last here. I have slowly been returning to modding, and I have a new home after Volcano Productions was put on ice. You may find it here: Soul Exchange Mod Forums
  4. Aion

    Happy New Year

    Let's make 2015 an awesome one.
  5. Alternatively, create your own modding site/blog/forum for your own projects and post links on the larger modding community forums or place links in your signature on said forums. I know I have. People don't always get along or agree on key things, which is why there are multiple communities, aside from the obvious language-related reasons. In any case, good luck with your mod! A small tip: Don't let anyone get you down, or tell you why you can't succeed at modding.
  6. I agree. Actually that comes from the fact that I've had no contact with english BG in a long time. What I wanted to do was to write the dialogues properly in terms of emm... content. Facts, opinions - things like that. And then I'd restyle them and adjust to fit the in-game's style as much as possible. Yeah, your version of dialogue just looks much more 'Korganish'. Thanks for the input, it's really appreciated. Oh, of course. I understand your working method a little better now. Nothing wrong with that. ^_^ Glad to help. Or a form of British accent or slang (with varying degrees of...how does one say... "thickness"), adapted to fit general Faerunian speech. I think several characters in Planescape: Torment for example use this.
  7. One thing that stands out to me is Korgan's distinct lack of accent in your dialogue for him. He has a rather thick accent, even when written, and I think it'd blend in better with the vanilla game, if you added in his accent. He sounds a bit too...polite and vulnerable, at the moment. Rein, Korgan Korgan: I want to clarify something. I dislike you Rein. [Let me be clear wit' ye, groundling. I care not fer yer company.] Rein: Glad to know that my feeling is mutual. Korgan: I dislike rogues like you. Longlegs with those sleazy eyes always reacting to a drop of coin. Thieves who make me wear chainmail when I sleep and have one hand on my purse while second on the axe. [Ah cannae stand ye sneak-stab folk, especially the longleg pointy-eared kind. Yir eyes dart to me coinbag, to weak links in me armor. Donnae get any fool ideas, lad... I'm warnin' ye.] Rein: Remember dwarf, that you are stepping on the risky topic here. I am no mere thief. If I'd ever had to take your purse - I wouldn't bother with stealing it. Rein: I'd just took it from your still-warm corpse. Korgan: Brave words for fancy long-leg like you. Still, that's the exact reason I respect you. [Heh, ye got guts, I'll give ye that. 'Tis precisely the reason ah 'ave nae buried me axe into yer skull.] Rein: Mutual feelings, mutual values and mutual interests, isn't it? Korgan: You seem to understand things we- [Per'aps] (honestly I'm not sure what to make of this) Rein: If you think that will help you at sneaking that ace from your sleeve, you are so, so wrong Korgan. Korgan: Damn it! [bloody ratspit!] Rein: Leave the subtetly for us, long-legs, dwarf. Korgan: You better don't make me leave my axe in your skull! [bah. Ye'll not last long wit' me axe twixt yer ribs, ye blasted spriteling. Off with ye!] Just added a few suggestions/examples for his speech. Feel free to accept or disregard as you see fit. ^^
  8. Yeh, in recent years they made it complicated with this Big World thing. Honestly I haven't bothered trying it. Installing a few mods you like works well enough on its own, without a "mega multi mod build" -type install. Allow me to provide a few directions based on your wants (areas, quests, etc). -Tortured Souls http://vlad.blackwyrmlair.net/ -Never Ending Journey http://vlad.blackwyrmlair.net/ -Shadows Over Soubar http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/sos -Check The Bodies http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/ctb -Colours Of Infinity http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/coi -Fishing For Trouble http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/fft -Dark Side Of The Sword Coast http://www.spellhold...s.net/ie/dsotsc -Epic Endeavours http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/ee -Reign Of Terror http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/rot -Secret Of Bone Hill http://www.spellhold...net/ie/bonehill -Ding0 Quest Pack http://www.pocketpla...=128&Itemid=100 -Unfinished Business (BG2) http://www.pocketpla...d=101&Itemid=80 -Unfinished Business (BG1) http://www.pocketpla...=161&Itemid=114 -Assassinations http://www.pocketpla...=177&Itemid=121 -CoM Encounters http://www.baldursga...amn6&board=22.0 -Dark Horizons http://www.baldursga...mn6&board=101.0 -The Undying http://www.baldursga...amn6&board=36.0 -Alternatives http://www.gibberlin...t/alternatives/ -BG1 Mini Quests and Encounters http://www.gibberlings3.net/bgqe/ -Tower Of Deception http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/~valiant/ The Grey Clan, Episode 1: In Candlelight http://www.blackwyrm...ds/incandle.php -The Drizzt Saga http://www.blackwyrm.../drizztsaga.php -BG2 Tweaks http://www.gibberlings3.net/bg2tweaks/ -BG1 Tweaks http://www.gibberlings3.net/bg1tweaks/
  9. Private? As in, one's gender, country, and age? Pretty standard information as far as online goes. Though I admit, I don't see why that matters much for a thesis. It could get far more personal...such as, "where do you work, how long, and how much money do you make/have, what city, what's your address, oh and your phone number, bank account number, and creditcard number? Kplzthnx." -chuckles- Either this is genuine, or it's complete BS with an ulterior motive.
  10. Sent you a PM with answers as well.
  11. Soul Exchange has been moved to BWL.
  12. Wow, I recognize you. ^^ You did a portrait for my mod a while ago. Love it to bits! It's really amazing to see you have a site up. More people should be able to enjoy your work, as it's nothing short of fantastic. <3 This is the portrait she made, if anyone was wondering. Vanya, girlish male half-elven thief.
  13. So? There's always people who haven't seen it, despite the fact it's old. I, for one, had not seen this yet. I think it's awesome. -chuckles-
  14. All mod .exe installers I've tried all either auto-select the game folder, or ask me to specify where to extract it into. Anoher thing you can do is try to run the .exe from your game folder itself, to help it locate your game.
  15. I'm finally back. -Wrote Vanya's initial meeting (before slaves are freed), and his joining dialogue after freeing the slaves and killing Lethinan.
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