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Need BG2FixPack-v9

Guest reedickulus

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Guest reedickulus

Hello all. I am trying to install BG1 + BG2 + All Mods and make a seamless game experience. I have downloaded the BiGWorld Installer, but I am absolutely stuck because I can't get a file I need.


To complete the installation I need bg2_fixpack-v9.exe (BG2 Fixpack v9.01). The BiGWorld installer won't let me continue without it. I can't download it because the place where it is hosted is down!


I located a v8 - renamed the file and put it in, but it won't accept it because it CheckSUMs. Can anyone send me the file:


reedickulus ... [at] ... gmail.com


Also you could host it on www.filevo.com and I could grab the link from you on here.


Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this request in but I wasn't sure.


I have never played BG and am desperate to start so please please help me I'm anxious to start playing!!! If you have a link to the mirror for this file I will be forever indebted to you! I can't wait to play!!!

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