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Version 15 released


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Version 15 of SCS is now released. The only new content is Ascension64's fix for the Beregost bug, which I thought I'd give a home to (mostly for the benefit of TUTU users, since the latest BGT includes it). Mainly it's translation updates and a few bugfixes, though to my relief it's finally stable enough that I can go away for five months and come back to find no disastrous bug reports!




Updated French translation

Updated Italian translation

Updated Spanish translation

Updated German translation

Included Ascension64's fix for Beregost

Chessboard Queen is now immune to lightning

Sarevok no longer gets potions

Enemies will now fight back when attacked by guards and other neutrals

Under-the-hood change: "Faster Bears" now edits Creature files, not scripts (thanks to Ardanis for the code)

Bugfixes (thanks to Ilyich and Temujin in particular for these) Fixed a typo in the no-chunk code that was preventing it from working properly

Blocked a bug that, in rather rare circumstances, would cause mages to recover their spells upon going out of sight

Fixed a typo in Improved Drasus Party, Improved Iron Throne Assassins, Improved Minor Encounters, and Improved Balduran's Isle that was preventing those components from being installed except on the same install runthrough that installed Smarter Mages (thanks to Wisp for catching this)

Fixed an incompatibility with the newest version of EasyTutu that was causing Baresh to summon a Dark Planetar(!)

Tidied up various confusions between SCSI and SCSII version of global macro library ("scsii.tph")

The tourist in Durlag's Tower is no longer immune to the trap (thanks to 10thLich for catching this)

Updated general AI to use SCS2 code for thieves (main change: thieves who can't see you no longer go invisible)

Kobold component now installs even if "smarter general AI" isn't installed

Angelo's end-battle arrows now have the right sound effect

Fixed rather subtle bug that was preventing flesh golems from attacking

Cult archers now attack properly

Corrected a (probably harmless) glitch in the backstab code

Corrected what appears to be a bug in EasyTutu, whereby six copies of Aec'letec sometimes spawn

Fixed a typo that was breaking compatibility with SR

Smarter Priests no longer breaks Jaheira's BG1NPC quest

Belgin (from BG1NPC Tiax quest) now included in Smarter Priests

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