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Alternatives and SCSII - Item Randomizer

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Hello, and thanks for this mod.


I was going to try it but before starting a new game I'd like to know if it might cause any compatibility issue with those two mods I already installed.


About SCSII compatibility, I installed the component that changes the price asked by Gaelan/Bodhi ( from 20k gold to 100k ), so I'd like a minor spoiler: are the paladins or the evil guy going to ask me for the original unmodded price? are Bodhi and Gaelan/Aran dialogues unaffected by Alternatives?


Item Randomizer changes the location of some in-game items so I'm going to ask, will I be able to access the thieves guild and/or the vampire lair if I follow an alternate path, so that I'm not missing any valuabe prize? What about the ring of protection+2 and the amulet of power you can get from Aran ( dead or alive ), did you duplicate elsewhere the same reward so that I might end with two of them ( after the randomization )?

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Without giving too much away, if you follow your conscience, you will be obligated to enter both areas in Chapter 3. If your PC is less moral than some, you will be accessing the thieves' guild in Chapter 3 and the vampire lair in Chapter 6.

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Thanks, that's enough of a answer without serious spoiler


Looks like IR won't conflict with your mod.


About that SCSII component that changes the price, any issue you can think about?

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