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Version 16 released


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Version 16 of SCS is out, hot on the heels of v15. Partly this is to incorporate a new Russian translation (thanks, Prowler!), partly because a rather nasty bug crept into v15. Apologies to anyone who got caught by this; thanks to those who provided bug reports.




New Russian translation (courtesy of Prowler at the Arcane Coast)

Corrected a potentially serious bug in the v15 version of the "make_casting_innate" macro (this had the potential to cause a variety of crashes and glitches)

Revamped the hostile copies of the party summoned by the Mirror of Opposition, using a method worked out and coded by Ardanis. It should all work much more smoothly, and be more bug-resistant and compatibility-friendly, now; it will also be slightly harder, as clones of party spellcasters no longer lose their highest-level spells

Fixed a problem with the Faster Bears component that was causing crashes

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