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V5 Hotfix


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The hotfix needs to be applied to Item Randomiser before the mod is installed.


You download the attached archive and extract it to your installation directory (not to the randomiser mod folder). You should be asked if you wish to overwrite. Answer yes.



  • Mode 2: Fixed a compatibility issue with the G3 BG2 Fixpack that could result in duplicated items from Tolgerias.
  • Mode 2: Taking Alternatives' good route should no longer yield duplicated items.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was unable to send the Solamnic Knights home if their class was mage (or part mage) and they were not in possession of the mage stronghold.
  • Mode 2: Fixed a bug where some items were duplicated and others were lost.
  • Planar Prison Warden gets a replacement weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that had Minister Lloyd saying he was giving or going to give armor, regardless of what kind of item he was actually giving.
  • Corrected typo in Corneil's dialogue.


The hotfix overwrites the files "randomiser/randomiser.tp2", "randomiser/lib/weidu_action.tpa", "randomiser/lib/macros.tpa", "randomiser/lib/arrays.tpa", "randomiser/d/solkni.d", "randomiser/lists/itemlist.2da", "randomiser/languages/english/in-game.tra", "randomiser/languages/english/solkni.tra".


If you want to be sure the hotfix was correctly applied you can check your weidu.log file. The entries for Item Randomiser should say "v5, hotfix<some date>".

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