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GemRB.cfg not found


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I just installed GemRB on linux mint.

cmake make and make install worked fine after installing the necassary libs. (I didn't change anything to a file)

When I try to run GemRB i get this:


GemRB Core Version v0.6.2 Loading...

[Core]: Initializing the Event Manager...[Core]: Initializing Variables Dictionary...[OK]

[Config]: Trying to open GemRB.cfg [NOT FOUND]

[Config]: Trying to open /home/nx-diver/.gemrb/gemrb.cfg [NOT FOUND]

[Config]: Trying to open /usr/local/etc/gemrb/gemrb.cfg [NOT FOUND]

Press enter to continue...


and then ... nothing.


What can I do to solve this?


thanks in advance

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Guest Edheldil
how can I create that?

i changed the name of the sample to GemRB.cfg but that didn't help


Perhaps you have copied the file to a wrong dir? It looks for it in the current working directory as a first option. Also take care of Upper/lower case letters.



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