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Need some help!

Guest Crailey

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Hello everyone,


First let it be known that i am a total newb when it comes to programming :beer:


Ive heard that by using GermRB for Baldurs gate, that it would be possible to exeed the maxium party limit (amount of npc's in a single party).


So my question is, Is that ^ possible?



~ thanks in advance

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While it doesn't require much programming knowledge, this requires some modding knowledge.

Depending on how much you want to change.


There is a PARTY_SIZE constant in GUIDefines.py, that alone does most of the changes.


Then you need to change the CHU files that contain portrait icons.

And depending on how you changed this (scrollbar, smaller icons), you need to change something about the guiscripts.

Also, if you want to move the whole party by scripts, you need to modify the scripts to support Player7 and Player8

GemRB doesn't provide more object IDs.

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