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Class edting or Kit creation?


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Just got EasyTutu BG1/TotSC/ToB installed and would like to edit a Class Build or make a Kit. Editing, if possible since it would probably be easier. I wanted to try a Bard with Lock Pick instead of Pick Pockets, would it be possible to edit a Override file for this? It looks like Notepad is not able to Edit the 2DA files, maybe Notepad ++ would work (don't have it installed atm, on this machine)?



Thanks for any tips. :beer:

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Nah, not gU nor rU, thanks for the info.


Is the party max limit hard coded to 6 also or is it adjustable/hackable? I don't ask to break balance but to make available more groupNPC interactions. E.g. in NWN2 you could make a run with all groupNPC for more back story and banter.



Thanks for any tips.

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