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Hi & quick Q regarding Physical Mirror


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Lectori Salutem fellow BG players


Let me first introduce myself and congratulate myself on joining the forum.

I've been using several G3 mods for years now, including the recent Randomiser mod that resparked my no-reload non-raising runs.



Before i tell more about all those lovely adventures i experienced in those years (you can read about it a bit on another forum, Winterwind Productions), i am sitting right here with a brimming question..:


I was wandering around in BG2 in the underdark caves with my latest 23rd incarnation, when i encountered the first group of drow there, and this happened.

Since i am playing non loading non raising Kivan just died there, but i have no clue of why and how it happened, which makes me doubt if this is what i should call a legal death. The only reason for this happening that i can think of is the Physical Mirror spell, which from testing around a bit is one of the spells these drow can cast. However, in the three times i tested afterwards there seems to be no way my Kivan can receive 7 of those hits at the same time. He has 4 attacks per round, wasnt improved hasted or anything, so i could imagine getting four hits, but not 7. (Same for Yeslick and his sling)

Does anyone here have an idea what happened, ie can Physical Mirror lag in such a way that the damage of several rounds can be resolved at once, or can it be stacked so there might have been two instances of the spell active? Or maybe another spell they can cast altogether?


Would love a quick answer as i am in a bit of doubt as to whether i should keep Kivan alive and do this off as a bug that rarely happens, or that this a completely natural way for them to behave, and find me another bowman.


(oh yes, and lots of thank you's for all the work done here)

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