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  1. Hey there - first of all thanks for the update! i'm having lots of fun with it again in my most recent no-reload challenge. It does have a few odd behaviours for me though, its nothing i can't solve with EEkeeper, but i wanted to share them with you. Maybe you know a workaround, maybe you know what i did wrong, or i just brought some new info to your attention.: 1) When choosing thief skills there's a few lines with abracabra instead of say find traps in there. 2) The mod gives ".cre:read out of bounds" errors on Safana, Eldoth, Faldorn and Minsc, resulting in not being able to edit the
  2. Hey there again, Still enjoying your randomiser a lot, just stopping by to note another item i spotted thats not yet randomized: The Amulet of Cheetah Speed (Owned by Thelyn'ss in Sendais Enclave) is still in its old place. No problem of course, just trying to help this mod be the best of them all
  3. Not really an issue, but this is some sort of suggestion for your next version of the readme: Its a bit of an odd thing i did, and probably due to my own mistakes, but recently i had to reinstall the item randomizer for my BG2 save game: Somehow i had managed to get the multiple stronghold component of the G3 fixpack to malfunction, which i reinstalled, which in turn did some reinstalling of the randomizer mod, after which i became unsure whether a number of items had been, so to say, unrandomized. (I found Namarra, the Staff of Curing and the Cloak of the Sewers in their original locatio
  4. I will, haven't really got any others atm, but i have a notepad alongside my games anyway so i'll keep an eye on it. (Oh and the way the spoiler works is fine, being just a list of items & locations) Hmm, depends on how much you'd want to list, but it doesn't seem too much, might be there's a load of +1 thingies around i dont readily recognize as 'old' treasure though. Here's what i came along thats not yet randomized btw: (Several are quest related of course, like the Baldur Helm that pops up in Degrodel's quest.) *Ring of Free Action (iron throne) * Helm of Balduran (Helm&
  5. Hey there, many thanks for the tool, im having loads of fun with it. Not really a big issue, but it seems the spoiler list is a bit dated or has a few errors. In tutu there's a few items not listed that seem to be randomized, like the Heavy crossbow of accuracy. (same goes for those stacks of large shields you talk about, i found lots more than two). Have you got a new version somewhere, or do you just want me to keep an eye out and hint for other little mistakes? It might also be interesting to include a little list of items that arent (yet able to be) randomized (like the
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