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Yasraena is a rather confused drow. She was born a female noble, but her house was temporarily out of favor. Her mother did not want it to be known that she had just had a seventh daughter because Yasraena, due to the disfavor of Lolth on her house, was rejected by Lolth (that is the way drow spell the name, at least according to the Drow of the Underdark book). A daughter not allowed to become a priestess would be an enormous shame. So Yasraena was shuffled off for the first few years of her life, trained to believe in the superiority of females but rarely experiencing the benefits herself. She showed great aptitude for sword-play, so when she was old enough, she was disguised as a male and sent into Melee Magthere, the male fighters' academy.


During Yasraena's time at Melee Magthere, two things happened which changed the course of her life. She met Divalir, her master at the academy. He taught her more than sword-play. He taught her how to be good. (This bit will be explained in the mod.) The second thing was that her mother regained the favor Lolth. Yasraena's disguise was then less important, and indeed, her being a female was rather an open secret by then. Her mother let it be known that upon Yasraena's graduation from the academy, she would then be placed in Arach-Tinilith, the school for priestesses. To avoid this, Divalir tried to get Yasraena to the surface.


So, having been raised as an oddity female, a girl-child not allowed to serve Lolth, then been disguised as a male for several years, Yasraena's way of thinking is muddled at times. She is extremely proud, trusts with difficulty, is courageous, and tries to be stoic.



If you want to learn more about Yasraena, visit her forum at Chosen of Mystra:


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