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NWN 2 Class alterations.


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I didn't see a general forum for NWN 2, hope this is the right forum.


Any idea which file contains the Spell Lists and restrictions for each class? I would like to add a few additional spells for the Bard to learn. As an example currently in the MotB campaign and would like to have access to some 7th level spells.


I was able to edit the CLS_SPKN_BARD list to add a progression for 7th level spells. Also, changed the gain table to CLS_SPGN_WIZ in hopes of at least getting permission to add a 7th with givespell.


In game now when I press the Known Spell key I do see access to the 7th level area. When I tried to add a spell like Acid Fog with addspell there is an error. It say's something to the effect, "Not the proper class for this spell."


I sure hope, there isn't a Class based restriction on every single spell. I was hoping there is a spell list somewhere which has a list of the various Arcane and Divine spells the Bard Spell table lists.



Thanks for any tips.

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Could I create a scroll with a 7th level spell like Acid Fog, which is specifically for Bard class? OR is there a way to make a new Spell just like Acid Fog but 6th level?


This would be out of my league, due to lack of skill.....what about creating a new Prestige Class allowing 7th level spells?



Edit: I keep calling Acid Fog 7th, DOH!

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