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Guest dayvison
Okay, when I go to download and extract I cannot find the fp music file anywhere. Only a fp-v3. Did I do something wrong when I downloaded?

i got the same problem, can someone pls tell me where do i find the fp music for download

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Having the music pack won't help much, since SoZ broke it. Apparently, there is some kind of a limit on the number of lines in the 2DA, and with SoZ, that limit is met. When we tried recoding the mod to use line numbers higher than SoZ, we were unable to get music files to play. I'm sure you understand why it would be impossible to maintain two versions, one for MotB only, one for MotB+SoZ. It's challenging enough making sure that everything still works.


Unfortunately, this means that the music pack is a bit of a bust. Sorry.

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