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Edwin's Exceptional Hissyfit

Guest Halteclayre

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Guest Halteclayre

I was hoping that I wouldn't have to bother any one with my problem, but I can't figure out how to resolve this cock-up that's been dogging my steps since last night.


Admitting defeat (temporarily) at the hands of Watcher's Keep, I found that after exiting the keep our resident spell caster Edwin would suddenly throw a tantrum and leave the party, taking with him all the wands, scrolls, and other wonderful equipment I left in his care (the little swine). My reputation at the time was a whopping 19, which I knocked down to 15 and eventually 12 via ShadowKeeper, when the initial change did nothing to stop him from deciding he wasn't going to play with us any more. I reloaded several times, and while the times differed (between ten minutes and an hour's worth of exploring, whether I was in Watcher's Keep or not), he'd always resort to stomping off in a huff.


Sadly, Edwin is my favourite mage (partly because I find his dialogue entertaining, and partly because even at his worst he isn't as insufferable as Nalia or Aerie), and so I wish to keep him and never let him escape. Kind of like a beekeeper, without the disadvantage of being covered in bees. In spite of having Keldorn, Anomen and a paladin CHARNAME in the group, there hasn't been a lot of bickering going on and there have been no murders so far, which is always nice.


After quelling my fury with a cup of tea I located and installed your nifty BG2 tweak pack, primarily for the Happy Patch. I opted for the second choice during installation that allows party members to complain about the group's reputation but doesn't let them leave, but no! The mighty Edwin Odesseiron laughed at my fickle attempts to confine him, and not only did he laugh, he waited until the group had landed in Brynnlaw to leave us stranded on the lawless rock without a mage, the irreverent sod!


I reloaded and tested a couple of saves just to make sure this wasn't some kind of unlucky fluke, and when I learnt that this wasn't the case I went back and reinstalled the Happy Patch using the option that stops NPCs from complaining about the party's reputation. This also proved to be as effective as a chocolate fireguard, which is odd because the 'Shut Up "You Must Gather Your Party ..."' and item stacking tweaks I installed with the same pack work a treat (not unlike a chocolate fireguard, but for different reasons).


Any help would be greatly appreciated! I fear that I am slowly going mad trying to figure this out myself.

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Guest Timmian

Hey, im not an expert, but i think there are some timers and "happy - netural - sad/angry" strings you can change up in SK.


maybe you can try and kick him out before he leaves and then get him back in and see if that changes. hope that helps. merry christmas :)

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If your saved game has Edwin at his breaking point, installing the happy patch won't do anything to prevent it. It's designed to maintain the NPCs' happiness level at a certain point, not restore it if it drops.


Unfortunately, changing your reputation with ShadowKeeper doesn't do a thing, as far as the game is concerned.


Modifying your reputation upward is easy enough, all you have to do is go to a temple. Modifying it downward is a little trickier. Well, it is and it isn't. You can kill innocents or you can resort to mods. b!tweaks adds a bard to the Bridge District that lets you adjust your reputation downward, but that won't do you any good in Watcher's Keep.

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