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The morning star avatar animation


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Sorry if this is trivial and/or has been duly addressed. I did search here and across the 'net and wasn't finding what I wanted.


What the topic title says.


Is this hard-coded, then? The G3 "weapon animation tweaks" has a thing where it basically turns the morning star into a mace. However, being as you most likely notice the paper doll animation a LOT more than the in-game avatar (I think that's how it's referred, for the part of the game where events actually occur and time progresses, those character animations are "avatars" right?), swapping the fearsome-looking, spiky, towering, perfectly wonderful morning star paper-doll animation for the smaller, less imposing flanged mace -- as a trade-off for getting the avatar mace animation which is MUCH preferable to the silly ball-and-chain animation -- this "trade off" doesn't quite do it.


It's, like, a catch-22. And so I chose to let well enough alone and go with the original scheme -- with the better-looking paper-doll representation -- and live with the ball-and-chain silliness on the battlefield.


So, it's like hard-coded then? This is the best fix we can hope for, forever and ever?


I imagine to some of you hardcore modders this is the height of trivia, but it drives me up the wall. :D:)

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A component to fix this (i.e. give morning stars the animation of maces while keeping their morning star paperdoll) will be available in IR v3. If you don't want to wait, you can add this code to your favourite mod's .tp2 file before installing:


 ACTION_FOR_EACH animation IN a1 a3 a5 a7 a8 a9 g1 BEGIN
ACTION_IF (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~wq%size%mc%animation%.bam~) BEGIN
  COPY_EXISTING ~wq%size%mc%animation%.bam~ ~override/wq%size%ms%animation%.bam~

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Thanks for the reply! Glad to see that issue is being hammered out.


All I knew was, if I went in to edit the items using DLTCEP or something like, the only way to change the combat animation is to change the paper-doll animation ID.


Thanks, also, for the instructions, I'll see about applying that to the G3 tweak pack with the weapon animation tweaks (it's the only mod I know of that addresses the morning star problem).





Well, I copied and pasted that code into the setup-bg2_tweaks.tp2 file, in the "general proximity" of the other commands under the weapon animation tweaks section (#60), and ran setup-bg2_tweaks.exe -- but when I tried out the morning star the paper-doll animation still changed to the mace (it swaps the colors between the handle and head, too; but that's probably the "color location" as built into vanilla BG2).


Maybe I am doing something wrong and didn't work that code in properly -- I am not big on messing with code and never intended to imply otherwise; that section consists of a succession of "IF ... ELSE" statements and without racking my brains I couldn't see a clear-cut spot to shoehorn this snippet in. It looked a little out-of-place as it had the only ACTION statements in sight.


Also, I had installed and uninstalled the weapon animation tweaks prior to trying this out; although I thought when the setup uninstalls it actually reverts back to the initial state, so that probably shouldn't be an issue.

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