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IWD2 Scripting Actions


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Seeing as how the IESDP scripting actions listed for IWD2 is basically identical to the Baldur's Gate List, I thought I'd make the following scripting actions known.


275 SaveGame(*STRREF)

This seems to save the game in a new slot using the filename defined by STRREF.


286 AllowAreaResting(BOOL)

This is used in some of the in-game Area Scripts. As near as I can tell, if BOOL is TRUE then the party can rest in the area and if BOOL is false then the party can't rest.


266 DisplayMessage(*STRREF)

Seems to display the message defined by STRREF. This can be used by Area Scripts.


241 FloatMessage(*Object,*STRREF)

Exactly the same thing as DisplayStringHead, although this one works in IWD2.

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