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Kivan & Xan in the Forest


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Hi there!


There's this hilarious event with Kivan and Xan that I want to re-trigger if possible. I think we were in Cloakwood and it was nighttime when Kivan and Xan got drunk. My game just had to crash at the wrong time! :D


I only got to scan through what they were saying, and would love to see the conversation again. I tried reloading a save before it happened, and tried CTRL+I, but haven't successfully triggered the same event. The Cloakwood maps (and the surrounding woods) took a while to complete, and I thought it'll pop up sooner or later, but it never did.


If there's a way to trigger the dialog, like how CTRL+I works in BG2, I'd really appreciate it ???


By the way, THE MOD IS AMAZING! Thank you so much for creating it! I played BG way back in school. Since there's still a month to go before Dragon Age 2 comes out, I decided to reinstall it with Tutu and the add-ons. The additional banters and romances have made the game so much more fun! Xan has always been one of my favorite BG characters but I never thought I'd fall in love with the doomed elf. Many, many thanks!

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Hey, welcome to G3!


That's one of my favourite banters, as well! Honestly, Domi is a genius here. (Kivan is her baby; by the way, Domi's Kivan is in BG2, as well).


Let's see... First, you have to have Kivan-Xan banter about drink, the non-scripted one. It's at night and in the forest. And, yes, you might want to use CTRL-I. Then there's a post-drink banter, which happens in about six minutes after, I think. Good luck with that!


P.S. Love Xan, too. (Well, obviously, seeing Xan for BG2. ??? )

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Aw, I tried spamming CTRL+I with no luck. I even reloaded the save when I first picked up Kivan, and what I got with CTRL+I, after a few emo dialogs between them, is Xan asking Kivan if he still had any of the wine left.


On the bright side, I got Minsc trying to cheer Xan up with the furry goodness that is Boo. That was sooo cute!


I guess I'll replay another time, picking up Kivan earlier to spend more nights in the forest, and also Coran to see the Xan-Coran conflict. Really, really loving Xan! I thought I would be more into knight-in-shining-armor Ajantis but when Xan started his lines, it blew me away.


Kudos to Domi for Kivan as well! I know Kivan is meant to be serious and I enjoy this new level of depth to his character, but whenever he makes the rare witty comment they really stand out. It's like another side of Kivan. My favorite (so far) has to be what he said when fighting the basilisks. Don't know why but it made me laugh.


I'll definitely bring Xan and Kivan into BG2, though I'm so not keen on the nasty surprises!

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