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BG2 NPC Project?


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It won't help: first, if you have, say, 35 different states, the last one is marked 34th, whatever you do. Second, if a mod is installed afterwards, it still extends its non-weighted states to the bottom. Third, some NPC mods already have over 100 states(Xan's crossmod banters are marked 100-something), and Jaheira is hardly an exception.


Your best bet would be installing this after all NPC/quest mods(because quest mods add NPC reactions), and adding RomanceActive<>1,2 to prevent incompatibility with NPC flirtpack.


But consider this carefully: you'll have to replicate all Bioware NPC personalities closely(since it's not just two banters, it's a whole PID pack). For example, take Khalid from BG1, with or without BG1 NPC installed. His manner is soft and gentle; he is kind; he stutters. In your BG2 banters posted here, he doesn't stutter at all and his manner is quite different. Hence, some might say it's a different Khalid, and would want his lines to sound closer to an original. Same might be true for a PID pack, especially since it's such a big(potentially) and unique mod.


The quote is not literal. It was just to bring my point across. In the banter in the mod, he stutters.


And I know that installing last would probably be the best bet for this hypothetical BG2 NPC Pack...

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