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[v2] Yasraena/Tsujatha banters for SOA

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Umm, that would be me. ;)


Here they are, the first one needing to be run before you get to the Underdark.


Tsu: Why did you flee your homeland?

Y: You would not ask this if you had ever seen it.

Tsu: You did not leave because you did not like the climate. (Tsujatha's voice is slightly mocking.)

Y: I left because they would have put me in Arach-Tinilith and made me a priestess of Lolth.

Tsu: Surely one cannot be made a priest without faith in the god in question. How could they have forced you?

Y: Once in Arach-Tinilith, if they had then failed to make me a priestess, if Lolth had rejected me--or I her--then I would have been executed, sacrificied to the Spider Queen.

Tsu: So you fled death.

Y: Life is sweet to me. I doubt you can say so much.

Tsu: I cannot.


Second one.


Y: You are the strangest being I have ever seen. An elf larger than a human? I could not have believed it.

Tsu: It is *strange* that you should not look beyond my physical appearance, you whose theme is ever "look past my face."

Y: I do not presume to know you, Tsujatha. It was for this that I limited to my words to that which anyone can see.

Tsu: Cautious. It is a word I am beginning to associate with your people.

Y: Suspicious would be more accurate.


Third one.


Tsu: Why are you so fascinated with the other Elves of this world?

Y: Because they are what my people once were, what they could be yet if they chose.

Tsu: So it is merely the loss of the former glories of your race that softens your eyes when you speak of the Elves?

Y: You talk too much, overgrown elf. My eyes do not "soften" for you.

Tsu: (Tsujatha snorts.) You are a mere child, Yasraena, for all your beauty, and not at all the sort to stir my blood.


And that's it for SoA. ;)


You can look for the Yasraena/Kindrek banters soon. (And I may PM you about the ToB dialogues, if that is all right.)


Thank you again for this great mod!


Sillara :p:blush::cry:

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Oops. :blush: I forgot about the dialogue file names.


Tsujatha's file is BTSUJAT. Yasraena's is BYASRAEN. The other two don't necessarily have to have an order, nor does the first one have to be first. It just has to run before the Underdark. So, to sum up, the one listed as "first" in my above post must run before the Underdark. There is no necessary order beyond this. They can be in any order and any priority.


The ToB file names (for which I will send you the dialogues later) are these: BTSUJA25 and BYASRA25.


Thank you again!



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