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[v2] Kindrek/Yasraena Banters


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I authorize these banters as writer/coder of the Kindrek mod and as co-writer/co-coder of the Yasraena mod.


(SoA) Kindrek's file name is BKINDREK. Yasraena's is BYASRAEN.

(ToB) Kindrek's file name is BKINDR25. Yasraena's is BYASRA25.



KINDREK: Yasraena! Watching your body move in battle turns me on!


YASRAENA: (Yasraena's face registers utter bafflement.) What?


KINDREK: Not only do you excel at the shedding of blood, which I find highly stimulating, but your battle-dance shows me parts of your body I usually do not have the pleasure of seeing!


YASRAENA: You cannot be serious. We are so dissimilar. Your desire for me is like a fish being enamored of a bird.


KINDREK: (Kindrek winks at Yasraena.) There are such things as flying fish!


YASRAENA: Ugh. And there are such things as blades in the back.




KINDREK: Yasraena! I have given you ample time to consider my offer! What say you?


YASRAENA: To what, pray?


KINDREK: My offer! Shall I tell <CHARNAME> to set camp so that we might form the beast with two backs?


YASRAENA: Do you suspect an attack from a beast? Yes, setting camp is a wonderful deception. It would fool the beast into thinking we do not suspect its presence!


KINDREK: What?! What are you talking about? I'm talking about you and me!


YASRAENA: Even better. We are the warriors. Let us go out and find this beast--


KINDREK: --Now you're talking!


YASRAENA: And murder it.


KINDREK: OK, let's skip the camp idea...




PM'd to Grim Squeaker cuz of spoilers.... :blush:

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